C OU R S E     F E E D B A C K

To date 892 people have trained with me and I hope many more will in the future.


Debs, Thank you from the universe for offering so much free advice to all your past students when they become not only stuck in the study but for all the life guidance you give from the heart.                                                        Allan xx


It was an awesome Tarot course, I have learnt so much. Bless you Debs for being a fantastic teacher.                                                                        Tracy x


Debs, your teaching is brilliant.  Your manage to treat everybody           with respect whatever level they are at and you go the extra                     mile to support everybody to reach their full potential.                 Deirdra xx


You energy has inspired me to look within on a deeper level,       Susan x    ----------------------------------------------------------------------------             Debs, past life workshop with you uncovered so many little things            that needed rectifying within my life, thank you.                            Julie xx    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------                     Deb you have turned my life around my lovely Reiki Master, even            though life is more settled for me know I would still not hesitate to                call you for advice, I just want everybody to know you are a lovely               soul and you continue teaching us all long after the money has stopped coming in.  Keep up the good work you beautiful being.     April XXXXXXX -----------------------------------------------------------------------                      Debbie, I am constantly amazed at how accurate your readings                     are and I can't wait to learn tarot with you to develop my own                  readings.  Bless you for the love and help you give everybody.                         --------------------------------------------------------------------                        Debz, Intimate Evening of Clairvoyance was mind blowing, your                  evenings have so much more interaction than others, I loved the                 way you combined it with teaching everybody some of your things,                 the candle gazing was awesome.  We will be at next one.  Vicky and the girls.   -----------------------------------------------------------------------                     Debbie  Sat Tarot workshop was fantastic.  I will be coming in the level 1 course in Feb see you then.                                                                                  -----------------------------------------------------------------------

Hi, Deb,  Thank you so much much for teaching me advanced Tarot,            my head feel so much clearer now, I can already see a difference in my readings, I will be back.
Hiya Deb,  Who would have thought they would go to an evening of mediumship and get to practice the stuff you do.  I can't believe I've tried telepathy.  I can't wait for the next one Ill be there.                               Sarah X
Debz,  The activities after your clairvoyant event were different,                   I've never done that before.  It's making me wonder if I should                    now starting working on my spiritual development more.         Thanks, Fiona
 Debz,  I want to say, how attending your workshops has turned                      my life around,  I still have a long way to go but I know I'll get                        there now, especially knowing I have friends to help on the journey. Avril  xx
 Debz,  We were so thrilled to have been part of your Reiki 1 course              we will both be back to learn Reiki 2.  It was good of you to                         arrange a B&B when we came from Reading.                            Julie & Sam
Debbie, I just wanted to say thank you so much for going ahead                  with your children's fairy workshop with just my two nieces. They                 had the most amazing experience and have not stopped talking about                it since.  I understand you are going to do another one in August; if                  so, please include me on your email list as they want to do it again.   Yvonne    -----------------------------------------------------------------------                       Debz, I would love to say that I much prefer Meditating with you than listening to a tape. Your voice is so hypnotic.                                         Helen          -----------------------------------------------------------------------                         Dear Debz,  Thanks for teaching me tarot, I'm sorry I couldn't do the meditation very well.                                                                   Love Lyndsey        -----------------------------------------------------------------------                         Dear Debbie,  Thank you so much for such an interesting day on                 your Psychometry workshop, I really enjoyed it and learnt so much.          Love & light Barbara                                                                                                -----------------------------------------------------------------------                          Hi Debz, Thanks so much for the workshop on Saturday, as usual it was wonderful, different  & very enjoyable.                                  Brenda          -----------------------------------------------------------------------                            Hi Debbie, Thanks for a great day on Saturday, I really enjoyed it,        looking forward to the past life workshop!                                   Kev xx          -----------------------------------------------------------------------                      Debz, Reiki 1 was great, how soon can I come on the Reiki 2 it                    changed my life around.                                                                 Preedawin     -----------------------------------------------------------------------                              Debbie, Just to let you know after completing Tarot 1 and the Advanced Tarot I have now begun reading for others.                   Mandy