Due to recent changes in the law regarding all aspects of spiritual development including mediumship, the Fraudulent Mediums Act has now been  incorporated within the Consumer Regulations Act. 

At this point I am to inform you, that what I do is for,


Entertainment purposes only and is not scientifically proven.  


But I will leave that up to you, the customers and friends to decide. If you feel that my contacting your departed loved ones and giving valid proof of their continuing existence is entertainment then so be it.  I operate within my own strict Code of Ethics as set out below.


Code  Of  Ethics

I have to inform you that Mediumship has not been proven scientifically and there is no actual proof of life continuing but i also believe those who seek answers know what they believe.

Honesty is my policy, I will only interpret the information which I receive.  I will always be truthful, if I am unable to interpret I'll tell you and there will be no charge to yourself.


I will never give information that you have clearly stated you do not want to explore. 


I reserve the right to refuse reading or training if at any time I feel it inappropriate for you. 


I will not give expertise in areas that I am unqualified.


Confidentiality is paramount, whether you are receiving a reading or training.  If, I feel the need to inform others of disclosures made e.g Police, you will be informed.


I will only keep personal written client details, for as long as you are a client or a student. Although I will keep contact details in order to keep you updated with new courses etc.  No details will ever be passed onto to others.


My work is always carried out in a non-judgmental way.


I will be compassionate and respect your feelings.  My readings & training are all chosen to help empower you in order to help you move forward in life positively, with more focus & strength.


Workspace is kept in a clean, hygienic condition at all times, your comfort has first priority.


I will maintain a professional & ethnical service at all times.


I will not abuse your trust and vulnerability.


At all times I will encourage you to take responsibility for your own decisions and not let you become dependant upon my services.


There will never be any pressure to visit again, advice & recommendations will be offered, it is up to you if you choose to accept them.


If under 16- 18's want a reading, this would have to be with an adult present, but I will assess if I feel this to be appropriate at the time of the reading, if not I will cancel the reading at no cost to you and inform you of the reason.