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New life, new events

Hi everybody,

I have been so busy recently. I am in the process of updating my shop on facebook it is taking me a little while but I'm getting there. so please bare with me. 

Seeing how some of the elderly people struggle to reach their feet anymore. I am now offering foot and lower leg, wash, exfoliate and moisturise as part of my treatment package. Posters will going out soon, in the mean time if you need further information please get in touch.

Look out soon new business venture coming your way.  Look out for Atmospheric Solutions in 2019.

I have just managed to get the next two years courses and workshops on front page of my website.  for more info please get in touch

Atlantean Element Reiki Masters                          9th - 11th Nov 2018

Atlantean Element Reiki 1                                   19th - 20th Jan 2019

Beginners Tarot & Meditation                             15th - 18th March 2019

Past Life workshop                                               13th April 2019

Old Ways                                                                 9th June 2019

Indian Head Massage workshop                              6th July 2019

Indian Head Massage Practitioners course              4th - 6th Oct 2019

Advanced Tarot & Meditation                                 6th - 8th March 2020

Atlantis Element Reiki 2                                        20th - 22nd June 2020

Atlantis Element Reiki Master / teacher course     26th - 28th July 2020


Live & Love in Harmony & Tranquillity

Debs xx

Moving forward with a smile.

Hi everybody,

I have set a date for the new Reiki Masters practitioners level. This will be 9th - 11th Nov. If this is something you would like to do please get in touch by email or give me a ring 07753 637897. This is taught as a small group of no more than 3 students. This is only for those who already hold Reiki 1 & 2. This course teaches you how to teach others. If you would like me to send more information get in touch. One place has gone only two spaces left. The course will run with 2 people.

October 1st 18, I will be doing readings at the Kings Head, Yoxford. first come first served for all 1-1 readings. start time is 6.30pm. I am looking forward to going back after such a long break. It has been a year since my operation and a slow recovery but I'm now back to full health.

I am now setting new dates in 2019 for Reiki 1, Tarot courses.  IHM, Past life and the Old Ways. If you would like to see anything else advertised let me know.

Recently whilst trying to update my prices on the website I have hit a snag and found I am unable to as yet. Next week I will be working to get my shop set up on my Heights of Tranquillity facebook page.

Live & love in harmony & tranquillity

Debs x

Atlantean Reiki Masters and other courses

Hello everybody,

I hope you are all enjoying the heat as I am.  Or are one of those that would rather hibernate.  Whatever your preference drink plenty, cover up when you need to and find something to smile about. Today I have manged to fit so much into my day off. Went to the gym this morning, visited my dad. Came home and vegetated for a while. Went swimming in Woodbridge and finally enjoyed a walk along the river. 

Last week I got weighed at the gym and have lost 11lb since Feb, I crowed loud and clear about that. I also lost 4 inches off of my waste. So far this year has been good, I am now finally back to full health, it has been a struggle at times but now I am back smiling.

I have set a date for the new Reiki Masters practitioners level. This will be 9th - 11th Nov. If this is something you would like to do please get in touch by email or give me a ring 07753 637897. This is taught as a small group of no more than 3 students. This is only for those who already hold Reiki 1 & 2. This course teaches you how to teach others. If you would like me to  send more information get in touch. One place has gone only two spaces left. The course will run with 2 people.

I am now setting new dates in 2019 for Reiki 1, Tarot courses.  IHM, Past life and the Old Ways. If you would like to see anything else advertised let me know.

Live & love in harmony & tranquillity

Debs x

New events

Spiritual Development group                  Second Tuesday of the month  Haven Healing Centre,                                                                                                         

Open to anybody starts at 6pm. Contact Pam 01502 723100.    Costs £5                                                                


Spiritual Development group              Every last Tuesday of the month Wickham Market.  

Call me Debs 07753 637897 if interested. Starts at and cost £6 all money going to children's charities.


Atllantean Reiki, Masters level,                                                                       9th - 11th Nov 18              3 x Daily                                                                                                             9.30 - 5.30pm                     This course is a designed to teach you how support and teach others in the art of Reiki along with learning to relax via relaxation techniques.   At the end of the course you will have a good understanding of the reasons behind Reiki 1, 2 and the Masters. The price is still being worked out for this and two separate prices will be offered for the course residential and non residential watch this space.  

Indian Head Practitioner Workshop                                                               TBA                        Wickham Market                                                                                               10.00 - 4.00pm

This will assist you in learning the basic Indian Head Massage and carrying it out on family and friends. There will be plenty of time to practice your new skills. You may choose to go on to the practitioners level in order to qualify. Allowing your new skills chance to develop into a career.

Beginners Tarot & Meditation Course                                                               TBA                             Cost  £210 = 3 day course                                                                                     Wickham Market  9.30am-5.30pm                                                                                                                         

This course is designed for anybody who has any interest in learning about tarot and those who have been reading semi professionally. Over the 3 full days you will learn to deepen your meditation; learn new spreads and get to know other like minded people. You will begin to work with your spirit guides as you abilities strengthen. 

Wickham Market is a small village, with ample shops and restaurants we have two camping sites and local B&B's for those travelling and needing accommodation. Call Debs on 07753 637897 or email me on don't forget to check out the website;  I can also be followed on facebook and twitter@DebsRushbrooke1

New course

Hi everybody,

As far as I know everybody who wanted to removed from the mailing has been. However, as I am human a name or two may have been forgotten, therefore let me know if I have made a mistake.

I am teaching an Indian Head Massage practitioners level course 7th - 9th July 18  sorry for the late advertisement. my web providers have been doing a change over and I have only now been able to get on here.

The course costs £210 and allows you to add this to your other therapies or use it a as stand therapy.  you will be able to gain business insurance after gaining your qualification.  There will be case studies and a anatomy and physiology exam to complete the course. If you would like to know please let me know and I will email you the details.

I am in the process of designing a parent and child workshop.  No prices have been decided as yet however, if you feel this is something you may be interested please email to register your interest.


Live & love in harmony & tranquillity


Hi everybody, sorry I have been a little quite lately.  Life has been hectic for me. I have recently joined Gymaphobics to get my body back in shape, especially my arm after last years op. It had been nearly two years since proper exercise. I am walking and doing a bit of cardio. Next step is starting yoga and meditating again. I have just booked on a retreat with tkyoga in the South of France in Sept. That is my deadline to be fully recovered and back to my old self. 

I will taking pen and paper and fully intend spending quality time writing whilst there.

I am still offering readings and occasional training until then.  On Sat 14th April 18 from 10 - 4, I will be holding a spiritual get together.  I am not necessarily teaching but between us will be learning and sharing our knowledge. Bring a lunch to share. The day is free however, there will be a charity box if you wish to donate.


Removal of Guest

Hi Everybody,

In case you wondered where the guest book has gone. I have deleted it as I am fed up of company's selling and advertising there wares. As a lot of these were in foreign languages, it was impossible to tell if any were sprouting propaganda material. Therefore I felt it safer to delete the page.

Remember if you want to email me its: or you can call me on 07753 637897. I will only run courses this year if you get in direct contact with me. Due to all I have been through, I have decided I need to slow down for a while.  I may start advertising in the summer for later in the year. I am still doing readings and 1-1 work. I am sorry about this.

If anybody needs help finding other facilitators please let me know and I will help all I can.

Hope you are all having a happy, healthy, peaceful New Year.

Debs xx


Getting back into the swing of things

Hello everybody,

I hope those in the UK have been enjoying our red Sahara moon. It's set to be another brilliant one tonight.  Sorry I haven't been blogging in a while. I have been off work after an operation on my arm, and not the one that I don't use.  It has been hard going and I'm still struggling with some things and have to remember too take it easy without feeling sorry for myself which can be hard.

In some ways it feels as if I have lost a year with the this problem but I now know it is well on the way to recovery. I can't do too much of anything yet.  However, every day I am trying to do a whole selection of things to strengthen my muscles and keep my brain active.

I am starting to go stir crazy so have starting booking some events:

13th November 17. I am at Yoxford, Kings Head offering -1 readings. Starts at 6.30pm first come first served.

29th November I am doing Mediumship at Embodiment group in Saxmundham this starts at 7.30pm.  

1st December 17,  7pm-until late Ladies Pamper evening at Yoxford Village Hall

Hope to see you soon.  If you would like to book me for any events, teaching or 1-1 readings please get in touch.

Debs x

Changes to price list

Hello my lovelies,

I hope you are all enjoying this wonderful bank holiday weekend. if you have been keeping up with me on facebook you will know I have nesting birds in my garden. Blue tits, blackbirds and pigeon's it has been lovely seeing them through the birthing and parenting stages.  The blackbirds I have even posted pictures on fb.

I even managed to get into my studio last weekend and give it a thorough spring clean, asking a few spiders to vacant into a corner that I couldn't see them. I don't consciously make them homeless. Next it is my garden that needs over hauling.  The front I am will be done by landscapers and the back just needs me on my hands and knees.

We are also having new windows after the blackbirds have flown the nest.

Please check out my price list page unfortunately with rising bills I have had to put up my prices.  This has not been done for a while as I do not like to change it too much.  After all we are all struggling. 

I have decided I need to do some learning and would like to do a trance course if you know of anybody offering one please get in touch. I also intend checking out Arthur Findley College to see what they have to offer.

Enjoy the summer everybody.

Debs x

It's catch up time

Hi Everybody,

My day off work has been all about catching up, with the washing, housework, emails, letters and shopping. My head is ready to explode. At least tomorrow I am teaching Indian Head Massage which I thoroughly enjoy. I chill out just teaching it. I do have one place left if anybody is interested.

I am afraid I've have had to suspend the free reading that I offer first time website users, as I just cannot keep up with demand at present. I also feel this may be linked to the sheer amount of rubbish that keeps getting plastered on the guestbook which as you can guess is annoying me tremendously.

Last week was my birthday and I was lucky to have two nights out we went for an Indian meal at the Dhaka in Ipswich with my family. Saturday night my hubby and I went to the Lion Inn with Davis and Chrissy. Overall it was a wonderful weekend and my flowers are still in full bloom.

Have a fantastic Spring and enjoy the light nights, if you get them where you are. I know in the UK we are rejoicing about getting home in daylight, yippee.


Love and Light to everybody reading.

Debs x

Getting back on track with new events.

Hi Everybody,

I apologise for leaving it so long between blogs.  I don't know about you but I have spent most of January and February suffering from one cold after another. One would disappear and another would crash into me and knock me down again. Hopefully, touch wood I have suffered the last and I do feel more human now.

I am now back to working hard and have managed to send a lot of the free mini readings that I offer. However, I do still have a back log I promise I will get them up to date shortly.

I would ask that when I give free readings please do not then link into to my guest book with rubbish ads. It is lovely to see messages on there and I do read them all. The guestbook is for genuine people to communicate with me.  Having just spent 30 minutes deleting rubbish I was not impressed.

I have left it a little late to advertise my event due to the illness' but here goes.

28th - 1st March  Reiki 2 in Wickham Market.  This is the practitioners level costs £140.

Sun 5th March  Indian Head Massage One day Workshop  10-4 Wickham Market cost£40.

Thursday 9th March  1-1 Psychic readings at the Debenham, Woolpack.  £10 for 15 minutes starts at 6.45.  Contact Mo at the Woolpack direct 01728 860516.

8th MayYoxford Kings Head 1-1 psychic evening. 1-1 readings £10 for 15 minutes.

Fri 2nd -4th June Beginners Tarot and Meditation.  In Wickham Market cost £190.

Dates now being arranged for Red Lion in Woodbridge for 1-1 psychic evening.

For those of you who know me and mine I am to become a nannie again my daughter Nadine is pregnant and expecting in August.

 If you are unwell, I wish you a speedy recovery and and if you are well my wish is that you stay that way. 

Debs x

Sound Bath

Hi Everybody,

What a lovely evening we had last night. It was lovely to introduce people to beautiful new sounds. Andy Mapplebeck as usual was an awesome gong master and wowed everybody.  We could feel the vibrations not only surrounding us but also coming the floor.  It was lovely to have chance to catch up afterwards with old (in years known, never in age) and new friends alike.

Have a lovely weekend, I am off to Thursford tomorrow with the grandchildren and my mother. Who says I don't like Christmas bring it on. Just don't make me go Christmas shopping yet it's too early. 

Debs x 

Ladies of a certain age

To all of you beautiful ladies of that certain age. Think about the times when we don't know whether to laugh, cry or just kill somebody.  For those of you who wonder what I am going on about I mean the menopause.  Here I am, spending a moment to send you all the love of the universe and to tell you WE WILL get to the other end and rejoice in living again. Instead of constantly wondering what new behaviour will be released each month and what type of protection you need each time.  Because at this time in our lives it won't matter how protected you think you are, if you are like me it will always be wrong. So instead of feeling like banging your head on the wall raise a glass in toast to all the other beautiful woman just like us. Remember to fill it first. Hopefuly next month we will all have our sane none tearful head in place.


Debs xx

New Events

Hi Everybody,

It has been a while since I've been on here.  I have had a few problems logging in but all has been resolved thankfully.  If you are on Facebook you will already be aware of these events.

Sound Bath with Andy Mapplebeck in Parham Village hall, Suffolk.  Cost £7 starts at 7pm on Thursday 24th Nov 16, so get there earlier please. Bring pillows and blankets to snuggle on the floor while you chill out listening to the fantastic sounds as they wash over you.  There will be chairs for all those who would like to sit. I will be hanging some balloons outside village hall as it is a little hard to see in the dark.  Give me a call if you are interested 07753 637897. 

Indian Head Massage Workshop cost £40 being held at my studio in Wickham Market on 21st Jan 2016.  So come along and learn how to give and receive basic head massage.

Beginners Tarot on 7th-9th Feb 2016.  Cost of this non residential course is £190.  £35 deposit needed to secure your place. As it is getting closer to the big C I will be prepared to hold a space with a deposit of £10 until Jan 5th when the remaining deposit will be due.

Atlantean Element Reiki 2 on 28th Feb - 1st of Mar 2016 with one other hald day to be decided after completion of case studies. This is the practitioners level and you will be able to use this certificate to gain insurance. See above for special deposit deal.  This is only for those already holding a level 1.  If you did not train with me I will need to check your knowledge of level 1 prior to beginning level 2 with me.

Sorry this is not more in depth, busy day at work and I am now tired.

Have fun.

Debs x

Australia is coming closer

Hi Everybody,

Thought I let you know that I have two last events planned before my holiday:

24th June 2016 The Bull, Long Melford, Suffolk has a Psychic night with a variety of readers, healers and stall holders, with free workshops throughout the evening.  Begins at 7pm, ticket event.

27th June 2016 The Kings Head, Yoxford is hosting a 1-1 Psychic evening. Two readers myself and Vina have 50 years experience between us will be giving you readings to assist you on your life path. 

I also have a Tarot and Meditation for Beginners 11th - 13th Oct 2016

I hope you all have a wonderful summer our first stop will be Singapore.  I can't wait my thoughts are already two weeks ahead and I am already planning how to survive the flight as it will the longest I ever flown in one hit.

I will be glad to have the storm when it gets here I need my head back. I hope wherever you are there is plenty of sun and if not enjoy the lightening when it gets here. This will probably be my last blog until my travels,  I will post pics to my facebook page. Check out debbie.rushbrooke or heights of tranquillity don't forget to like the page.

I appear to be inundated with dreams from friends to analyse if you having any strange one feel free to let me know. 

Love to you all.

Debs x

Walking and writing

Hi everybody,

I have finally begun to gather my mojo around me again.  I downloaded an app for a squat challenge which I do daily, I am now having physio and I have been going out for at least one walk a week for the last 8 weeks.  It is a slow process as sometimes I am in more pain than others.  I have not had the patience to write for a while probably because it hurts after a while and I do hate to stop before I am ready. 

It appears that I am in demand at the moment I have been asked to do a psychic charity evening in Harleton on 17th Jun 2016  I will let you know more as plans develop.  Another event will be in Long Melford 24th June 2016 at the Bull Hotel remember it is Ticket only. See home page for more details.

I am beginning to wind down the readings ready for my holiday over the summer.  I have two spaces left for 26th May 2016 in the afternoon and Sat 28th pm I have four spaces, call me on 07753 637897.

Debs xx


Hi Everybody,

This last couple of weeks has been busy, busy, busy.  I would like to thank all you lovely souls out there who have been to me for a reading either at mine or at one of the events I have attended. I also want to thank the beautiful people at the venues I have attended, staff and organisers at Yoxford Kings Head, The Bull Hotel, Long Melford and the groups that I run. Thanks also to Marie and Kevin Winterbone for including in me their events, they may be a distance to travel but the atmosphere is always awesome.

Sometimes I feel as if I have stretched myself in too many directions but I love everything I do and the people that I surround myself with and I am conscious that I do forget to thank you all as much as I should.  There re so many I's in that last sentence but I felt as if it needed it.

I love you all.

Debs x

Upcoming events

Hi Everybody,

Sorry it's been a while but life has overtaken me.  I have recently finished teaching Reiki 1 and Reiki Masters.  I have taken part in two Psychic evenings at the Bull Hotel in Long Melford and am due to go back there on 24th June 2016. 

Monday 4th April 2016 I am doing 1-1 readings at the Kings Head in Yoxford

10th -12th May 2016 I am teaching Advanced Tarot and Meditation at the Studio Wickham Market  pre-booking is a must due to limited spaces.  There is three spaces left so book fast.  Booking form can be found on website or I can email one. This course was previously listed as a beginners course, that will now take place later in the year.

Hope you are all enjoying the brighter weather now we are into spring.  Who caught the April Fool on breakfast television informing us the government had decided to do away with winter and only have three seasons. Dense that I can be, I was up in arms telling my long suffering husband winter has to stay what about winter solstice ...........  He only laughed at me a little.

Did anybody come across any other good April fools.

There will be no events between July and August due to my long overdue holiday.

Live & Love in Harmony & Tranquillity

Debs xx 


What fantastic weather we've had.

Hi everybody,

I have been working hard whilst still recovering after weeding and digging my garden on Sunday.  I know as usual I did too much the trouble with me is when I get stuck into something I never want to stop.  Apart from my aches and pains, I have now started knitting, with the intention of knitting a blanket or two for the cold blooded members of my development group who complain of the cold. However, knitting squares is tricky business I can finally cast on and off now I only have to learn to count.  For those of you who don't knit you have no idea of the pain and frustration when you realise you have added to many stitches or rows. I don't know about relaxing it makes me want to scream.  I blame my mother, if she hadn't have started my granddaughter off I would not even have bothered.  Never I will see it through to the end.  My guitar lessons are progressing occasionally I can even hold a tune now.  Just been learning the Eagles Desperado and am now moving onto Status Quo's Pictures of Matchstick men.

Just like to thank those of you who brought tickets to the Psychic Evening in Long Melford on 18th Mar 16 the event has now sold out.  If you want to book 1-1 reading with me there you can pre-book your time slot.

Other events coming soon are:

15th - 17th March 2016  Atlantean Reiki Masters                                         £190

Poss 31st March 2016    Atlantean Reiki 1                                                     £95

10th April   Past Life Workshop                                                                     £40 

10th - 12th May 2016  Beginner's Tarot and Meditation course                    £190

11th - 13th October 2016  Advanced Tarot and Meditation                            £190

If you would like more info email or give me a call on 07753 637897.  All events need to be pre-booked with a deposit and paid in full 2 weeks prior to the event.

Wrap up warm tonight apparently the frost is returning.

Debs x

Been out walking today

Hi everybody,

What a wonderful day today, I managed to squeeze in a quick walk and nearly froze my lungs out of my body.  It may look nice but it sure is cold.  Even as sit here typing my fingers are frozen solid. I was sure at some point I even saw a few flakes of snow about 2.00 this afternoon travelling. I hope to see you all at Psychic evening at the Bull in Long Melford this coming Friday.  If you missed out on tickets I'll be back there in March.

Take care

Debs x 

The beginnngs of 2016

Hi everybody.

Talk about kicking off the new year with a bang.  I have had a poorly father and in-laws however, they all appear stable at present thankfully.  Roy and I had a lovely Indian meal in Rishi I believe I've spelt it correctly in Norwich on Friday evening before going to see Rox Off at the Brickmakers.  It was a fantastic evening but late we didn't get home until 1 ish and then last night hubby decided we were off out to Ipswich to watch  Beautiful Dangerous at the Black Horse.  The music from both nights were awesome. I am now sitting to have a rest.   Catching up with the website and emails, you get it, I'm not really resting now am I? When do I ever I hear you ask.

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend.


Happy New year

Hi everybody,

I like to imagine you are all out enjoying yourselves this new years eve.  Whilst I am quite contend to be indoors tonight. I will enjoy my new years ever a little late as I'm off out on the 2nd Jan 2016.  I am going to Gardeners Arms in Ipswich to see a Bon Jovi tribute show, awesome I can't wait.  There's nothing like a good bit of head banging to feel sixteen all over again.

Next year is already hotting up,  I am in Long Melford on 22nd Jan and the 18th Feb 2016 for a Psychic Night  22nd Jan has already sold out.  If you already have a ticket I hope to see you there.

Over the next few days I will be advertising new courses and workshops:

Reiki Masters course 15th - 17th March 2016 in Wickham Market.

Past Life Workshop 10th April 2016 in Wickham Market.

Tarot Beginners 10th - 12th May 2016 in Wickham Market.

Tarot Advanced 11th - 13th Oct 2016 in Wickham Market.

Keep an eye out for my psychic nights in Red Lion in Woodbridge, Kings Head in Yoxford and Woolpack in Debenham dates are still to be confirmed. If you would like you venue added to our list give me a call on 07753 637897 or email me

I am not advertising anything in the Summer as I am off to Australia, what a busy but fantastically exciting year this is turning out to be. I have just sent off my manuscript to publishers and Literary agents and my next one will be following shortly.  I am now in the process of writing two adult novels it will become a competition in itself to see which one I complete first.  One will be complete before I go to Australia.  Oh no I have set myself a target, I hate targets.

Have a fantastic New Year and remember to grab 2016 with both hands and live it the way you want to.

Debs x

Busy, Busy Busy

Thanks to everybody who found there way to see me recently at the Woolpack in Debenham and the Yoxford Kings Head last night.  Both night were a rip roaring success and I am still recovering from last night. It was lovely to see so many happy people and have lots of interesting spirit folk pop in for a visit.  I will be back in both venues in 2016 dates to be confirmed.  There will also be a new date coming for the Red Lion in Woodbridge, so keep checking back.

I have just sent of my manuscript to the publishers, literary agents and a competition, all fingers and toes are now firmly crossed.  Watch this space my second manuscript will be winging it's way next week.

November through to the end of February are my busiest times as practically every birthday in mine and my husbands immediate family occur between these months so who needs Christmas I say.  I do not look forward to it but the family like us to get together. I tend to see Christmas as a religious holiday and as I am not religious feel hypocritical celebrating it.  However, the children will not let me be bah humbug, for years I have given my hubby that name but now I feel it must apply to me. Now what shall I buy my hubby for his birthday on the 28th December.

I would also like to thank 3 lovely people Sophia and Joanne who have both recently been to me to learn Reiki, I had as much fun as you and actually got to meditate.  Then at the Havens group tonight in Southwold we nearly had a full house there were 13 of us all doing an activity involving chocolate, I do have great ideas sometimes.  George lead a wonderful meditation and I really didn't want to come back to earth.

Have a wonderful time whether you celebrate Yule on 21st Dec or Christmas on 25th or any other festival.  I wish all the best and party with the best.



Editing and Motorcycles what a combination

Hi everybody,

Well what a week, the sun has been out and it has been glorious.  I have even managed to complete the re grouting of my patio slabs.  Did I ache? yep I sure did for two weeks I have not known which cheek to sit on ouch.  However the job is done and it looks marvellous if I do say do myself.  Hubby has just finished building me a pergola I think it is how you say it.  Next year my grapevine will be trained towards it along with my Kiwi if it survives our winter, I hope so.

I have recently had two of my stories edited by my daughter Caroline and my lovely friend Ann.  Now on to the next stage of entering a completion and rolling them out to publishers etc. It's frightening and hard work but they won't get published on there own will they?

Have a lovely weekend everybody, tomorrow I'm off to my guitar lesson and Sunday I'm going to the 24th Copdock Motorcycle show at Trinity Park in Ipswich, Suffolk, UK.  This is an awesome event and if you love Motorcycles you'll love this.

Wherever you are and whatever you are doing, make it count and bring a smile to somebody's face.


Guitar lessons

Hi Everybody,

I can hear you all now sighing wishing you could play an instrument however let me assure you it is not yet music to my husbands ears or my lovely teacher's, Jacob, David and Alfie down at Planet rock in Ipswich.   I am sure between them they will get me on track however I'm not sure how many years it my take.   Probably about 10 to get any decent sound coming through as I strum.  

At my age it kills if you don't exercise your fingers and it sure as heck kills after practice, for days but I have to persevere even if it kills me.  I'll be playing from the grave, now wouldn't that be something.

I hope you have all enjoyed the summer, I know I didn't mean to swear after all what summer I hear you all scream back to me. I should have said have you enjoyed the puddles that would have been more like it.  Wherever you live, wherever you have been I hope you managed to get in a lot of love and laughs.

I want to say a huge thank you to the landlord and staff and at the Kings for our September event.  Once again we had a fabulous busy evening with a lot of happy people surrounding us both on earth and in spirit. 

As I appear to be a moaning Minnie today there is one more for you all, my roof still leaks in my studio.  This has been ongoing since we put it up, I am now at my wits end and my poor long suffering hubby hears bout it often I assure you.

Next events:

14th October Psychic Evening at the Red Lion in Woodbridge, Suffolk

7th December Psychic Evening at the Kings Head, Yoxford, Suffolk

TBA Psychic Evening in Debenham

Reiki Masters for January 2016

Hope you've all warmed up now.

Hi everybody,

Wow what a scorcher, I got to spend the day lounding around the Ipswick dock or should I say marina, I am showing my age with most of my life spent in that area of Ipswich I am afraid it will always be the dock to me but it is looking lovely with a beautiful vibrant feeling,  I had a fantastic lunch in the Cult cafe it's at the far side near where orwell lady docks.  Its fantatic for little ones as they have free pool and a games cupboard what more could you want as you soak up the cun and the view.

Then it was off to Planet Rock for my guitar lesson with the ever patient Jacob, he says I am improving I'm glad somebody can see it.  However it was not all fun, After visiting family I was still in Tesco AT 9pm and still not had my dinner.  So when I got home and finally put everything away it was a microwavable meal, glass of wine and getting lost in Pride and Predudice. Before coming on to say hi to you all.    

Coming very soon, pre-booking is a must, email me for booking and payment details.

Atlantis Element Reiki 2                                15th & 16th Aug 15             Cost £160 = 2 ½ x days                                 Wickham Market               Time 9.30am-5.30pm


This 2 ½  day intensive course, will teach you how to treat others with varying problems. This will also qualify you to practice for Insurance purposes. You will learn how to send healing via crystals etc for distance healing. Looking at required client paperwork you will need to keep etc.  Give and receive treatments while you learn.  This system of Reiki uses both the Tibetan and Atlantean symbols and attunement process.

14th Sept  Psychic evening at Yoxford Kings Head,
TBC 23rd September Psychic evening at Red Lion in Woodbridge

Thank you Kings Head

Hi Everybody,  

I'd like to thank everybody who attended the Kings Head in Yoxford on Monday evening it was a lovely evening with lots of new faces.  Thanks to the Kings Head who continue to support these events.  Our next event is Wednesday 25th March at Stradbroke Queens Head hope to see you there.

Debs xx 

The Volunteer

Hi Everybody, 

I would like to say a giant thank you once again to Graham and Rachel from the Volunteer in Leiston for hosting a fabulous psychic evening last night.  Don't forget there are two more psychic evenings booked this month Yoxford Kings Head on 16th and Stradbroke Queens head on 25th March hope to see you there.

The Volunteer in Leiston has also been booked for 1st June 2015.

Hope you've all enjoyed a couple of lovely spring days, the lighter morning and afternoons.  Remember the clocks are soon to change making it possible for us to catch even more sun excellent. Each day will bring more light so let it lighten your heart as it feeds you with brand new energy.

Debs xx



Hi everybody. 

Just to let you know that I have definitely decided to cancel this event the Intimate Evening of Clairvoyance on Friday 27th Feb 2015.  

If you check the website there are a variety of clairvoyant evenings with short readings from £10 the next ones take place:

Volunteer in Leiston 2nd Mar

Kings Head, Yoxford  16th March

Queens Head, Stradbroke 25th Mar

My birthday the big 50 is looming and it is already an exciting time, I have never been one to prolong my birthdays .  However, this year it has already started I was doing a pamper event on Sat in Stradbroke and at the end of a wonderful day they sang happy birthday and gave me a cake and card.

Rushing home that night to get ready for a lovely meal out in Mahzen a Turkish restaurant on Duke St in Ipswich with my family.  The meal and company were excellent, the staff at Mahzen were first class and took care of our every need.  You must all try it, it was also inexpensive which you do not often find nowadays. All this and it's not my birthday until Tuesday.  I also have a holiday with my family to look forward too and Hubby is taking me out on 17th Mar don't know where, you never know he may have planned a romantic meal at home.  I am sure I will love it whatever we do. 

Debs xx

Nearly there

Hi everybody,

I can't believe it, I am nearly 50 it's true the big one is looming and I can honestly say I feel fantastic about it. My life has never felt more centred and I am in a great place right now, would I want to be younger definitely not. At 18, I was screwed up at 21, I had two children however beautiful they were and are I would not want to be there as I was still recovering from quiet a big operation that I had a 19.  Now the children have left home, I have my space. I dictate when it is time to be in company and when I need alone time. Now is a fabulous place to be.

Don't forget: Intimate evening of Clairvoyance is ticket only and takes place 27th Feb, and psychic evening at the Volunteer is 2nd March 2015. 

Hope to see you soon.

Debs x

White stuff versus slush

Hi Everybody,

How many of you are on tender hooks just waiting for that white to fall from the universe. I know I am. Snow is lovely, pure and beautiful all at the same time. That is until some inconsiderate person walks on it, I know it has to happen, but that's the point when I dread, the slush arriving. Wouldn't it be great if we could have the snow without the slush.

Remember tickets are now on sale for Intimate Evening of Clairvoyance on 27th Feb in Southwold.  Hope to see you there.

Debs xx

Queen's Head, Stradbroke

Hi Everybody,

It was lovely to see a full house at the Stradbroke Queens Head on Wednesday evening. It was great to meet so many new people.  Thank you to Dan for putting up with Vina and I.  Our next event is Weds 25th Mar 2015.  Hope to see you soon.

Debs xx

January is well under way

Hi everybody,

I hope you are all rested after your holiday festivities.  Many I have spoken to have had a quite Christmas and New year for various reasons. However they have enjoyed themselves just the same. I am still in birthday mode until the end of Feb so my purse strings are taking a beating. Then it's my big birthday and my holiday with my family which I wishing away the months until it comes around.  This will be my first beach holiday in several years.  It will be nice to be able to put my feet up and rest a little.  Holidays on a motorcycle are fantastic but you always have too many things to lug around to just chill on a beach. I hope your plans for the coming year are coming together nicely and that a lot of exciting adventures come your way.

Upcoming events:
14th Jan  Psychic evening at the Queens Head, Stradbroke
30th Jan  Psychic Supper at Blackfriars, Ipswich
2nd Feb Psychic evening at the Three Horseshoes, North Cove
5th Feb  Advanced Tarot course, Wickham Market

Live & Love in Harmony & Tranquillity

Debs xx

Mr Frost

Hi everybody,

I was in shock this morning, The frost sat thick upon my little car, even after letting the engine run and having heaters on I still ended up pouring water over the windscreen to defrost it. I hear you all saying but why not use de-icer.  I have this quirk about not using  chemicals unless I really have too. There will be those of you thinking what planet is she on, there was no ice when I got up,  My work begins at 7.30 so therefore I leave at 7am. Although I must say I could well have stayed in bed this morning.

Dates for Psychic Suppers 2015 at Blackfriars, Fore St, Ipswich have now been set:
30th Jan,
6th Mar,
17th April,
22nd May,
19th June,

These are all pre-bookable to ensure you have enough food, call Sheila 01473 211118.
Hope your party season is in full swing.

Debs xxx

New for 2015

Hi Everybody, I have finally managed to get this attached, hope to see you all soon.  Have a BRILLIANT holiday season.

Newly booked for 2015 

Psychic Evening, Wednesday 14th January, at the Queen’s Head, Stradbroke

Reiki One on  Friday 23rd January at Wickham Market, booking is a must.

Psychic Evening, Monday 2nd February, at Three Horseshoes, North Cove, Beccles

Advanced Tarot course begins on Thursday 5th _7th February at Wickham Market, booking is a must.

Intimate Evening of Clairvoyance returns on Friday 27th February at the Haven, Southwold. Tickets are on sale now.  This is ticket only and numbers are limited.

Psychic Evening on March 2nd at The Volunteer Inn, Leiston

Bookings for Psychic Suppers at Blackfriars will be added this week


Debs x

2015 is zinging its way here

Hello everybody,

I hope you are trying to stay calm and keep the serene looks upon your beautiful faces.  This time of year is especially trying looking for the perfect presents and if you are like me and HATE shopping it is 100% worse.  I shudder just thinking about shopping. However for my beautiful grandchildren I will suffer in silence.  

Like most people I hope for snow, there is nothing like fresh laid snow to give you new perspective on.

Christmas who needs it!

Dear all,

I hope you are not letting yourself become too stressed out over the Christmas preparations. The older I get the less enthusiastic I become over the whole saga, I may sound a little like bah humbug.  However it is still exciting the little ones. My lot have it extra special as children, grandchildren and of course my hubby all have birthday either in Nov, Dec or Jan as do both my parents.  Hence I don't like Christmas I would rather spend more on their birthdays and use the holiday as a family time not necessarily a present giving marathon. 

For those who think they deserve a little break from the norm come out to the Haven in Southwold on 11th Dec between 5 - 9.30 for a reading or try a bit of  Reiki or treat yourself to a beauty treatment.  This is your time so bring your friends for a pamper session. 

I did try to download a poster but have had trouble, I'm still trying to resolve this issue. For now I have put it on my facebook events page so if you haven't already checked it out look up Debbie Ruhbrooke. 

Debs  xx

Psychic Evenings

Hello everybody,

It was great to see so many of you last night in Leiston, we had a lovely evening and were pleased to see so many we have previously met.

Next event will be at: 

Mon 24th Nov at Yoxford's Kings Head looking forward to seeing some new faces.

Thurs 11th Dec I will be at the Haven in Southwold for a health and pamper evening.  There will be readings, massage, Reiki, stalls and refreshments.  Posters are now going up so look out for these.  If anybody has their own stall or treatment and would like to book a table let me know asap. Each spac will be £10 along with a raffle donation.

I am looking for new places to hold psychic evenings or psychic days please contact me if you have any venues in mind.

If I don't see you before have a lovely Yuletide and new year.

Debs xx

North Cove

Hello everybody,

I just wanted to say a big thank to the landlady and staff of the Three Horseshoes in North Cove, Beccles, for ensuring our evening was a success last night.  We met a lot of lovely people as usual each and everyone of you is special.  We will be back in North Cove during February 2015, hope to see you then. 

Debs x

Next Psychic evening is 14th Nov, Blackfriars in Ipswich and 17th Nov Volunteer Leiston.
Next Workshop is Past Lives in Wickham Market on Sat 15th Nov 14.


 Hello all,
The Spiritual Development workshop on Tuesday 4th at the Volunteer has been cancelled due to low numbers.  If you have already paid please contact me regard to returning your money.

Autumn is well under way now.  The leaves are turning a whole host of delectable colour's ready for their journey downwards to the earth ready to make compost for next year.  Mind you I did get shock today when saw a late wasp buzzing around my window. I love this time of year because the bees and wasps are generally hibernating and the dreaded daddy long have nearly finished their season.  It is still dry enough to get away with not wearing a coat well most of the time.
Next month I have a busy time coming up as well as looking for a new job, I have my daughters 30th birthday and party and both my grandchildren birthdays. I am sitting on cloud happy I have just finished writing a children's story now for looking for a publisher or literary agent.

Mon 3rd Nov 14 Psychic night at the 3 Horseshoes in Beccles
Fri 14th Nov 14 Atlantean Crystal workshop Blackfriars Ipswich  
Fri 14th Nov 14 Psychic Supper Blackfriars Ipswich
Sat 15th Nov 14 Past Life Workshop Wickham Market
Mon 17th Nov 14 Psychic night at Volunteer Inn, Leiston
Mon 24th Nov 14 Psychic night at Kingshead Yoxford

Hope to catch up with you soon.  Enjoy autumn.

Debs xx 


Hi Everybody,

I am having a bit of a lazy week, I have spent the last few weeks looking after my grandchilden a little more than usual and it has been fun. However this was been my week of little work and loads of me focus time them I cam down with a nasty cold which has left me with so tired all I want to do is sleep. 

I may see you tonight at Blackfriars psychic supper in Ipswich or Next Weds in the Queens Head Stradbroke or Nov 17th in Leiston at the Volunteer.

Don't forget to book your place on the Day of Spiritual Development workshop on 4th November at the Volunteer, pub on Haylings road, Leiston. 

Hope some of you lovely people will be there.

Debs xx

Beautiful weather

Hi Everybody,

I hope you are managing to enjoy some of this awesome autumn sun, The weathers perfect no need for coats, hats or the dreaded sun cream yuk.

This is my favourite time of year the variety of colour's everywhere gives me an instant pick me up.  Those of you who do not see the colour's need to step outside and breath deeply, take yourself four a walk and observe. My husband thinks I'm mad when we are on the motorbike as I ride pillion I am always alert to colour's as we travel about and am constantly tap him on the shoulder or shouting through the helmets but he never sees what I do, to him one colour is the much the same as another. So get out there and look. 

For those moquisto bites we are beginning to suffer try neat Aloa vera it works a treat I wouldn't be without my plant.

My Events for 0ct 14

Mon 13th Blackfriars Ipswich for an Indian Head Massage workshop one day event. Contact me direct to book a place.

Friday 17th Blackfriars  for a psychic supper £20 pp call Blackfriars 01473 211138 to book

Weds 22nd Psychic evening at the Queen's Head, Stradbroke. Just turn for a reading.

Hope to see you all soon.
Debs xx

Pyschic evenings

Hello everybody,

I hope you are enjoying the return of the warmer weather. Have you all seen the fantastic full moon over the last couple of nights, the sky has been clear enough to get a fabulous view well, at it has here in sunny Suffolk.

I have added two further pubs to the psychic circuit we are reading at the Three Horseshoes, Beccles on 3rd Nov 2014 and The Kings Head, Yoxford on 24th Nov 2014. Hope to see you there we start at 6.30pm and stay until you leave.

Keep checking back as more events are added. In case your new to the site remember you can join the mailing list near the bottom of the page on the left to keep updated.

Debs xx

New venues soon to be added

Hi everybody,

After a very successful evening at the Volunteer in Leiston we are to go back 17th Nov 2014 however before that I will be teaching a spiritual development workshop their on Tuesday 4th Nov 2014.  I would like to thank Rachel and Graham for hosting the event and for all the lovely feedback I have had via email and facebook.

Another new venue is the Queens Head in Stradbrooke, we will be there with our psychic evening mid Oct 2014 however the date is still be organised.  We like to start early allowing for those who need to put little ones to bed or go to work.  

These events are in the evening however if anybody would like a day time psychic event let me know so we can organize perhaps between 10 - 2 allowing for school drop off and pick ups. If you know of a pub near you that may host an event please pass me the details.  We are trying to set up around Suffolk in a variety of pubs.

Debs xx

The chill has been in the air but summers not gone

Hi Everybody,

Now August is nearly at an end I have been out and about picking sweet plums, early blackberries, apples and Damsons, to freeze and make jam with, why not try it. Jam making is so easy.  Damson Jam 2.2lb fruit and the same for jam sugar 3/4 pint of water.  The easiest way I find is to cut the stones out first, (some people boil them and strain it out afterwards however I find that a bit picky.) Boil the fruit for 30 minutes then add the sugar for between 10 - 20 minutes until it has begun to set. 
Remember before this wash jars thoroughly then place in the oven in a low setting approx 100 - 120, gas mark 1 for 30 minutes to warm up this also sterilizes them.  One way to discover if the jam is ready get a cold from the fridge plate, and spoon  jam onto it, if after 30 seconds it has set your jam is ready to jar if not leave it another 5 minutes. This should make on average 4 jars depending in the size.

Enough about food I need my lunch thought you'd all like to know that I am teaching a Spiritual Development workshop at the Volunteer in Leiston, Suffolk, on Tues 4th Nov 2014  see my future events page for more info.

Enjoy the rest of your summer and hope to see you soon.
Don't forget next week on the 28th is my new Spiritual Development circle. It begins at 7pm costs£6 all proceeds to charity..

Debs xx

New Events in Ipswich

Hi Everybody,

New events have now been added to my growing list these one will take place at Blackfriars in Fore st, Ipswich
Psychic Suppers on Friday evenings 12th September, 17th October and 14th November 2014. There will also be two workshops: Indian Head Massage and meditation on Mon 13th Oct and Friday Nov 14th 2014.  See future events list.

I will be adding more for 2015 in Ipswich.

Next I will be looking at putting events on in Southwold I know it has been a long time coming but I had to cut back somewhere.

Keep enjoying your summer and don't work too hard. 

Debs  xx

New Events

Hi Everybody,

Check out the future events pages.  I have now uploaded all the courses and workshops for 2014 - 2015. Please feel free to contact me if what you are looking for is not on the list I can still squeeze one or two others in but it will be the first come first served.  I only have so many hours in a day.
I hope you have all found time between our stormy days to be out in the glorious sun.  Try dancing in the storms as I believe we have some more on the way, fantastic.

I will also be adding them to facebook however I do not have a proper business page your will have to look for Debbie Rushbrooke.  That's another job for me. I am not very good at these sort of thing so if anybody out there wants to have a play on my behalf I will be honoured.  You can also follow me on twitter now the address is on the front page of the website near the bottom on the left.

Love you all loads.
Debs xx

New events coming soon

Hi everybody on Aug 28th 2014 I am starting a new spiritual development group.  I will begin at 7pm cost £6 which goes to charity.  The group will run monthly from Wickham Market. Let me know it you're interested by email or call me on 07753 637897.

I will soon be putting together dates for:

advanced tarot and meditation  = Wickham Market

Indian head massage workshop = Ipswich

Spiritual development               = Ipswich

Atlantean cystals                       = Wickham Market

Atlantean Reiki attunement         =  Wickham Market

Power Animal Workshop             = Wickham Market

and new dates will be sorted for my intimate eveining of clairvoyance in Southwold.

If anybody would like to see anything else advertised please let me know, look out Reiki 1, 2 ,masters in 2015

Wasn't it an awesome rain and hail storm today, guess who had to play in the water, I couldn't resist it.

Debs xx

New Development group

Hi everybody on Aug 28th 2014 I am starting a new spiritual development group.  I will begin at 7pm cost £6 which goes to charity.  The group will run monthly from Wickham Market. Let me know it you're interested by email or call me on 07753 637897.

Wasn't it an awesome rain and hail storm today, guess who had to play in the water, I couldn't resist it.

Debs xx

Free Readings

Hi everybody,

I hope you're not getting to wet. I had the pleasure of being in Ipswich on Monday as the heavens opened up, my daughters and I looked like drowned rats, but it is totally exhilarating, I haven't been in rain like that for years. If nobody has ever taken a solitary walk in the rain with no boots or brolly you need to try it.  When I was younger this was a regular activity of mine to help keep me grounded and focused.

At present I am teaching a tarot and meditation course and as many of you know on the last day I ask guinea pigs to come forward for free reading.  I never know how long or how good they will be as these ladies are only beginners.  However I try to ensure you get at least to readings with various people.  If anybody would like to take up this offer it will be on Saturday between 2-4 however you need to contact me on my mobile 07753 637897.  It will be better to text as I will have my mob on silent. Please do not just turn up as I need to have a booking system.  The readings will take place in Wickham Market as usual.

Debs xx 

Thank you Woolpack

Hello my lovelies 
I am sending out a huge thank you to Mo and everybody else at the Woolpack in Debenham for a wonderful clairvoyant event last night.  Don't forget to raise your glasses in toast to the lovely lady with the big smile who sits by the window, try not to sit in her lap.  I'll let you know more about her next time. Thank you for the lovely decor and everybody who put it together young and even younger.

Tarot and meditation course on 29th - 31st May

I have booked a new workshop for Monday 9th June  2014 Developing your Clairvoyance.  The cost is a little higher this time £50 to cover expenses however all workshops with me at Blackfriars in future will now be this price. I don't like putting my prices up as most of you know my prices have stayed the same for at least four years if not longer.  I hope to see you at the next workshop if that's not possible I am sure we will catch up at some point in the future.  Workshops will not be starting again in Wickham Market until the end of the summer at the earliest as I am still sorting out my log cabin. 

Both of these events are bookable in advance.

Debs x


Hello everybody,

I am sending out a giant thank you to everybody who attended A Day of Spiritual Development workshop at Blackfriars, Ipswich yesterday.  You all know who you are, not just the living but also the world of spirit.  We had so many guides and family members come through to guide everybody it was a phenomenal day.  I met a lot of of new Mediums in the development stages and am sure in future years we will be hearing the name spoken of among the spiritual circles.  For my first workshop it was fantastic and I hope to continue with many more.  

The energy in the restaurant is beautiful with their very own in house spirits especially George who likes to participate in events. However he was a little quite yesterday.  The last Psychic supper he enjoyed his stroll around making us and shiver and jump, he likes a bit of attention.   

I have booked a new workshop for Monday 9th June  2014 Developing your Clairvoyance.  The cost is a little higher this time £50 to cover expenses however all workshops with me at Blackfriars in future will now be this price. I don't like putting my prices up as most of you know my prices have stayed the same for at least four years if not longer.  I hope to see you at the next workshop if that's not possible I am sure we will catch up at some point in the future.  Workshops will not be starting again in Wickham Market until the end of the summer at the earliest as I am still sorting out my log cabin. 

Debs x

6 weeks to go

Hello Everybody,

Hope you all keeping happy and healthy.  Don't forget this Monday 7th April at Blackfrairs Ipswich is my Workshop "A Day of Spritual Development.  we'll be doing tea leaf readings, meditation, Psychometry and lots more.  The cost is £45 with lunch included.

Just 6 weeks to go until I finish University it has been a long course and I will be glad when it is over.  However I will be so pleased with the qualification.  Once that's complete I then have to finish my creative writing course. I feel bad for putting it on the back burner for now but something had to give for a while. As you all know we have to give and take otherwise we cram so much nonsense inside and it has nowhere to go accept to explode. So I had to take a deep breath and chose what was most important at this moment.

I am looking forward to Easter I hold an Easter egg hunt in my garden.  This started years ago and has grown we started with one child now have about 15 and the number is still growing.  We have lunch, hide the eggs, the men take the children over the park and play football to tire them out before we play assorted games which also include the adults.  

I do not associate the eggs with any religious holiday as the symbol of the egg and rebirth has been around long before Christianity.  Springtime has always been a time of preparing to move forward and grow, whether this is general ideas of growth of babies etc.  So plant your seeds and watch them sprout into wondrous new projects. 

Remember 29th - 31st May is the Beginners Tarot and Meditation call me for more detail 07753 637897 or email: 

Deb x

Nearly finished university

Hi everybody,

Urgent message: When emailing please do not place debz at the front of the @ sign.  For some reason Mrsite have reformatted the emails it is:

As you can see from the title I have nearly finished just completing the last assignments should be done end of May yippee.  For those of you who are interested I am back to doing readings and am now advertising course and workshops.  I can't wait to start teaching again, I have really missed it.

My next event is a clairvoyant in evening at Gymaphobic in Ipswich on 27th Feb 2014 and after that it will be Blackfriars formally Ladies that Lunch for a day of spiritual development on 7th April 2014.  In May 2014 I am teaching a three day Tarot and meditation course beginners level.

ll of these event are limited numbers so booking is essential.

Take care

Debs x

Return of the light

Hi my lovelies,

Let's welcome the light evenings back once again, and rejoice that the light has once again triumphed over the darkness.  Let me know how many of you have shown great inner strength by sticking to their new years resolutions and how many have fell by the wayside.  Always remember you are the only one who can create change for the better regarding yourselves, so pick up the mantle once again and fight for yourselves.

Tickets for both new events are now on sale:  Day of Spiritual Development ( April in Ipswich) and Tarot & Meditation level 1( May in Wickham Market)

Live & Love in Harmony & Tranquillity

Walking not running

Hello everybody,

New year has been and gone for most, the chinese new year is still on the way. Use this time to look forward and thinking of the good things you can not only do for yourselves but others too.  Begin laying your foundations for your next step forward after all spring is just around the corner. Remember if you are not happy it is only up to you to change it, nobody can do it for you. It is a time for reflection, asking yourself what needs to change and how you will accomplish it, give yourself a time frame and try to stick to it.  Remember make the most of your life it is not all about making a buck remember quality of life is important to. 

Oops nearly forgot the Tarot & meditation Level 1 advertised will be taking place 29th- 31st May 2014 in Wickham Market.


Happy New Year

Happy New year to each and every one of you. 

Life has been hectic over this last year and probably about to get even more hectic.  At present I am still at University if all goes well I will complete in May Hurray.  Hopefully around the same time I will complete my creative writing  course as well.  I know I shouldn't doing two at one, at times it has been full of stress but it has been exciting.  My illness's have cleared themselves up now thankfully and I have been in good healthy for three months now long may it continue.

Both my grandchildren have now has their birthdays Lilly is now nine going on ninety and Ryan is two and into everything  My New years present from him was he tried his best bless his cotton socks to re-pot my tree in my bathroom with his little spade. There was compost everywhere even in the lav.

I am quite sure you have had you own trials and tribulations however I hope you had a lot of love and laughter too.

I have two new events to advertise the first being:

Blackfriars (Ladies that lunch) in Ipswich is hosting a Spiritual development awareness workshop.  On Monday 7th April 2014.  Pre-booking is a must.  The workshop will run from 9.30 - 5 and will include lunch and snacks.  Costing will be £45.  This workshop will entail visualisation, working with your guides, energy work, using a variety of objects and tools all designed to help you build a link with your guides allowing to actively participate in all group activities.  This will be a fun and enjoyable day.  It is for anybody to join whether you are a total beginners of more advanced.  This workshop with be for adults.  If you have children between 7 and 16 who may be interested I could arrange a separate event for them.

Wickham Market  will be a Beginners Tarot and meditation course.  This lasts for three full days, 9 - 5.30 each day.  The course is non residential however I can help with b+b advice. Within the price £190 all drinks, snacks and materials will be supplied although you will learn easier if you have your own cards to practice with.  Lunch will be shared and usually works best during my courses.  During the course you will learn to understand your cards, whilst linking into your guides and using your intuition. You will not be taught to read meanings from a book but to build lasting working relationships with your cards and guides. Over the three days you will taught a variety of tools and activities to help build on you clairvoyant, possibly mediumship abilities. If you successfully complete this certificated course you will eligible to enrol on the level two tarot and meditation practitioners course.

Both of these are to be pre-booked and paid for two weeks prior to the day.  A booking form found on the website or you email me direct needs to be completed for each person attending.

Have a fantastic year.

Debs xxx

So I lied where is summer has anybody seen her?

Hello everybody,

Well what a year I believe I may have seen the sun at least three times, what about you? Never in my life everything is now gearing up for my oldest daughter (Caroline's) wedding to Andrew July 27th.  Tomorrow is maid of Honours final fitting and Saturday is the Hen spa Oh everything is so exciting.  Except that is what am I to wear Yes it will be purple however I brought a new dress and love an old dress I continuously keep trying on both but at present am still very undecided.  Hey maybe I can wear one to the wedding and sit down and change for the evening, do you think my daughter would kill (probably).  Oh well still have five weeks to argue with myself.

Here to all you lovely people who came to Andy Mapplebeck's sound bath at the Haven in Southwold. It was outstanding we had people of all ages even a child.  Andy will be coming again to the Haven probably in Oct or Nov we haven't set a date as yet but I will keep you informed.

I am still available for readings etc throughout the summer months.

Next events:  7th July Walk the Shamanic path at the Haven in Southwold and 13th - 15th September will be the Beginners Tarot & Meditation  course in Wickham Market.

Debs x

Summer is just around the corner

Hello my lovely earth angels,

Sorry it has been so long since my last blog life has been so hectic.  Just recently I have had the pleasure of looking after my grandson for my busy daughter, considering I have spent my life looking after children I am finding it very tiring, I know, now I'm showing my age.  But he is a lovely little angel who has been here on earth many times before.  It has been so much fun, I am even teaching him how to do the washing, I know get them early but will it last, time will tell.

He loves his cousin and thinks he can see her everyday, it is lovely to watch him run up to her with the big cheesy grin all over his face.  If she cries or screams instantly he is in tears, that is saying something for a little lad who rarely cries.  Those two have a very deep connection which I am sure will get stronger over time. My two daughters have done fantastic jobs raising our little angels.

31st May Sound bath at the Haven Healing Centre Southwold with Andy Maplebeck tickets £12.

New Intimate Evening of Clairvoyance at Haven Healing Centre, Southwold. Friday 7th June 2013, tickets are now on sale £12 each, drinks and nibbles provided.

Walk the Shamanic Path on 6th July 2013 at the Haven Healing Centre, 10 - 4. Come and discover how to find your power animal. Use drums and rattles for healing others. Discover how to find and use power objects and much more. £40 needs to be pre-booked.

Healing group on the first Saturday of the month and a spiritual development group on the second Tuesday of the month both at the Haven Healing Centre, Southwold.

Psychic suppers at Blackfriars /Ladies that Lunch Fore in Ipswich, book with Sheila for 14th June & 12th July 2013

Beginners Tarot Course Wickham Market 13th - 15th September 2013 Come and join me with a small select group allowing specialised training in the art of tarot reading and making the link with your guides. Over this three day course you will gain valuable information to carry on both your life and spiritual paths.

In the future I am looking to start a young persons mindfulness group. If you would like your child to attend please contact me in order for me to see how many people are interested this group may take place in Ipswich or Southwold. If I have enough interest I may start a group up.

Take care beautiful people.

Debs  x


Here's to happy chillout days

Hello My lovely's,

Well I hope you are all enjoying the sun, I have just been informed by my hubby who I may say likes to put a little downer on things that we are to expect more snow at the end of the week.  Hopefully if that's the case sun will follow it closely, as in my mind spring is here.

I finally have a few days off the day job to work on the website about time I hear you all say. I am still squeezing events and readings in, so if you are in need give me a call. See the future events page.  I will also be organising another charity clairvoyant evening to raise money for Ormiston trust, this will take place in or close to Ipswich.  I am in the process of looking for halls which will hold approximately 100 people.  If you know of any please pass there details on to me. 

It won't be long until my daughter Caroline's wedding will begin to rule our lives I can't wait. The wedding dress and bridesmaids dresses have all been paid for next step when they arrive is the fittings.  I suppose I should get out and do some exercise to tone my tyres up before I invest in a dress, (I know a dress) it's not often I'm seen in one of them.  I can't wait because the colour theme is cadburys purple, what can I say it's a family colour.

Well that's all for now, this week is a chill out week for me tomorrow I am off to Aqua Springs in colchester, if you haven't been get youself there. It's all saunas. jacuzzi's and steam rooms.  No children allowed and it's only about a £10 for theday with free parking.  However don't get lost as it's easy to walk into the leisure centre instead Aqua Springs is the next entrance near the traffic lights, let me know what you think of it.  I tell you it's addictive.


New event

New Intimate Evening of Clairvoyance at Haven Healing Centre, Southwold. 29th March 2013, tickets are now on sale £12 each, drinks and nibbles provided.

Healing group on the first Saturday of the month and a spiritual development group on the second Tuesday of the month both at the Haven Healing Centre, Southwold.

Hello Everybody,

Chill out, put your feet before the Yule celebrations on 21 st Dec, I hope you have fun wherever you are.  I will be at work however it is our Christmas lunch, so I intend to enjoy myself.  For those who do not celebrate you have a fantastic Christmas and new year, remember keep safe in all your endeavours,

The previous post has changed somewhat.  The people I was to donate the proceeds to have had issues with their management in regards to the clairvoyant side of things. I know it's a little narrow minded in this day and age of inclusion and equality, never mind, I now intend donating to Ormiston Children's Trust.


Poster for clairvoyant event

Charity Clairvoyant Evening



Outstanding Medium


Debbie Rushbrooke



Help us at Friday Orchard (Part of United Response) raise funds for our new volunteer gardening project.



January 25th 2013



Knodishall Village Hall,

Leiston Rd




Doors open at 7pm



Advance tickets   £7                                                   On the door  £7.50



Refreshments available along with homemade preserves, and Meditation CD’s




To book contact:         Debbie Rushbrooke  07753 637897


Clare Warriner           07824 498857



Charity Number  265249                                           All monies raised will go towards the charity.

Charity begins at home

Hi everybody,

I hope your year so far has been productive for you all.  I was unable to celebrate Samhain with my regulr group this year, so for a change I was home to trick or treaters and guess what, not one little terror knocked on my door.  Although I don't believe it was due to being scared of me but due to the fact the little road I live in is primarily elderly folk.  So although I was sad nobody knocked I thought it insightful of others to realise others maybe afraid.

I know nobody wants to think of 2013 just yet however please see below, tickets are now on sale get in quick before the posters go up next week.

Charity Clairvoyant evening on Friday 25th January 2013 at Knodishall village hall, Leiston Road, Knodishall, Suffolk.  Tickets are £7 if pre-booked and £7.50 on the door.  This event is to raise funds for Friday Orchard which is part of United Response.  They are raising funds towards a new volunteer programme about to start.  Two allotments have been obtained with the view of growing organic produce however for this volunteers will be needed to support the people we support.  As this is my workplace I have offered my services for free and all monies raised will be donated to this worthy cause.  On the night there will be goodies to purchase and a raffle.

If you would like more information on the volunteer project but are unable to come to the event contact me and I will pass you details across.

If I don't get on her again before Christmas have a good one.

Debs X

Life of a Master

Hello all,

Here's hoping you are all well and in good health.    I am writing to tell you about a new group set up at the Haven in Southwold for all Reiki Masters to get together, to heal and have healing.  In this safe zone we can ask questions, practice attunements which is really good especially for those who don't teach regularly. I also have new symbols to attune you all to from Atlantean Element.  Others have been trained differently and may also have extra attunements or information.  This is chance to discuss your teaching material and gain new ideas.

The sessions are monthly on the first Sat of the month the next group is Saturday 3rd November at 10 am and last until 1 pm.  We donate to the rent of the hall and share snack responsibilities.

I am well aware some of my readers do not live in the UK that does not matter.  However you should be thinking of setting your own groups up.   These groups need to spread across the globe to help raise the healing energies to increase the earths vibration. 

Remember you give an attunement you also get one back, helping ensure the strength of your energy.

Remember if you want to book a reading this side of Christmas you need to book soon as I am getting quite full.  If I come to you to do the reading you only pay milage if there is one reading two or more mileage not needed, so why not get a group of friends together before Christmas.  I am also taking bookings for events.

Live & Love in Harmony & Tranquillity

Debs x


Hi Everybody,

Term time rolls around again and I find myself in the campus library, I guess the focus is not quite there yet as I am bored and writing you all this blog.  Thank you to all who came to my intimate evening of clairvoyance in Southwold.  I still have places on the past life workshop in Wickham Market 27th Oct.  Although I have another busy year planned bewteen work, Uni, fitting some family time in to do my grandma responsibilities and whatever else crops up. 

At present I am undergoing acupunture with Wayne Johnson, he is fantastic and I feel so much better for going.  I would recommend this angel to anybody, he is even now working with children with ADHD and claims to see some amazing results, I look forward to hearing more of this.

If anybody wants a reading or training get in contact and we can arrange a suitably convenient time.

Take care

Debs  X


Life rolls on

Hello you lovely people,

I hope you have all had a great summer and children not stressing you out too much during the holiday period.  Sorry I do not get on here much, since I finished University for the summer I have been working constantly. However I have made a choice but hubby won't like it. The lovely choice of housework or chatting to you all,guess what choice won, ha, ha. Oh well the dust is not too thick yet. 

Below are my last three booked events for this year as I am due to go back to University shortly. However if anybody would like me to arrange anything specific please get in touch and I'll organise when time allows.  There may be one other event coming up in Holbrook in the near future but I will keep you all posted.

I would be lovely to see you at one, if you can't make it perhaps you could let your friends and family know.

Sat Aug 18th I am doing Clairvoyance at the Cedars Spiritual Church in Ipswich.

Fri Sept 7th I am in Southwold for the Intimate Evening of Clairvoyance. Must be booked in advance.

Sat 27th Oct In Wickham Market a one day workshop delving into your Past Lives. Must be booked in advance.

Live & Love in Harmony & Tranquillity

Debs X

It's about time

Hi everybody,

Well what a rollercoster year, with deciding to go back to University to undertake my degree in early childhood studies, which I will say has been harder on the brain than first thought but I am getting there. It's only now I feel I can take a breather for a while between working 3 jobs and uni  I am also a nana again my oldest daughter had baby Ryan just before Christmas, he's gorgeous. I'm off on my holiday shortley to Southern Ireland on the motorbike.  Plenty of scenery, meditation and music, just wondering how to get a Bodrum drum on the back of the bike. Hubby says no, wonder who will win, ha,ha, I'll let you know.  Check out the website for new events:

Old ways workshop             Saturday 7th March 2012                Wickham Market                 Cost of £30
10 - 4pm.

Healing Share            Sat 23rd June 2012                   Donation                 Time10 - 4pm                                 Haven Health and Beauty Southwold

Intimate Evening of Clairvoyance            Fri 7th Sept 2012          Cost £12                    7.30 - 9.30 pm  Haven Health & Beauty, Southwold

Tarot & Meditation Level 1           Fri 28th - 30th Sept 2012         3 day intensive            Non - residential Cost £190                Wickham Market              9.30 - 5.30 pm

Past Life Workshop            Sat 27th Oct 2012           Cost £30 x 1 day        Time 10-4       Wickham Market

I am sorry that I have left it so long but my life life is very hectic at the moment. For the next year or so I am dedicating my time to studying hard for my degree in Early xhildhood studies, because of this I will not be advertising many workshops.  But if you wanted to book a private workshop for 3-4  people this may still be possible.  Readings, psychic suppers and other events will still be taking place although not as often. Please bear with me during this time, once my degree is over everything will be back to normal. My last workshop for the time being will be a past life workshop at the Cedars Spirilist church in Ipswich on Sat 29th Oct.  If you are interested book directly with me.

Take care


Peak District

Hello everybody,

Once again I am sorry for not writing sooner, during July I worked too much and then it was holiday time.  We visited the peak district on our motorbike, I don't ride I live being the pillian passenger.  I get to see more and even meditate at times.  Our first stop was Whaley bridge and a beautiful b&b called Shady Oak, I would reccomend this to everybody.  For £50 a night per room, we felt well taken care of and Craig really did take care of our nutrional needs, excellent food and fantastic environment.

We spent a week altogther in the peak district and second hotel was the Miraj Hotel.  It was approximately the same price. But the room and food were not as nice.  I would say the staff were excellent and very helpful throughout our stay even fixing hubbies glasses as he was blind as a bat without them. One other thing this place had a swimming pool, sauna and a jacuzzi, wow guess where I spent my free time.

I enjoyed everywhere I went in the peak district but two places really stand out for me the gardens at chatsworth house and Matlock.  The gardens were outstanding and I could have just sat there all day, even though there were crowds of people we still found peace. Matlock was weird but in a good way.  It was like a seaside town in the middle of the country.  The place was full of bikers and those scooter people (mods) they were everywhere it was just out cuppa tea, so we spent an hour or two drooling over the assorted two wheeled vehicles before visiting the heights of abraham worth a look.  One other place I forgot to mention was Dolly's in Glossop.  I would like to thank the ladies for serving us when I could see they were ready to close. Named Dolly's after Dolly Parton as was evident by the pictures of the lovely lady around.  If you ever get to Dolly's check out there custard cream cakes they are yummy, better then the biscuits.

But now it's back to the grindstone until the Calling with Barbara Mieklejohn Free the weekend of the 9-11th Sept then its back up to Atlow in the peaks near Cartingdon Waters another great place to visit.  That will be another story talk to you after then.

Debs  xxxxxxx

Summer Solstice

Hello my lovelies,

I has been an age since I have last left you a blog.  So much has been happening, I can now tell you all that I am to be having a new grandchild, my oldest daughter is now pregnant and they have now got the joys of sleepless nights to look forward to over Christmas.  I can't wait another little one to make a fuss of and give back at the end of the day.  We have finally finished some decorating and the energies feel so much more powerful now, so spirit obviously approves. 

I now have more work hours and I had forgotton how tiring work is, but I am now over the adjustment period.  I hope you were all able to do something special over Summer Solstice,  I met with some friends in Bramfield, Near Halsworth,  We enjoyed an evening of searching for and preparing power objects, fire gazing and Orb searching and we had plenty of those thanks to April's great camera work.  Us oldies were not capable of staying awake alnight so we snuck off to bed about 1 am for a couple of hours kip before sunrise.   We welcomed the new day in with chanting and drumming as the sun rose between two trees, it was magical.

Thank you to everybody who attended the Old Ways and Past life workshops recently.  I hope all of you who came to Southwold's Intimate Evening of Clairvoyance last week, really enjoyed learning more about mediumship.

Future Events

Tarot Workshop                           Sat 16th July 2011  Ipswich

Automatic Writing                          Sat 6th Aug 2011 in Wickham Market

Reiki 2                                           Fri 16th, 17th & 23rd Sept 2011 in Wickhma Market

Power Animal Workshop               Sat 1st Sept 2011   Southwold

Tarot & Meditation lev 1                Tues 4th - 6th Oct 2011  Wickham Market

Intimate Evening of Clairvoyance    Fri 7th Oct   Southwold

Reiki 1                                          Thurs  14th - 15th Oct 2011  Wickham Market

Tarot  workshop                           Sat 15th Oct 2011  Ipswich

Past Life Workshop                      Sat 29th Oct 2011  Ipswich

Adv Tarot & Meditation               Thurs 20th - 23rd Oct 2011  Wickham Market

Automatic Writing                        Sat 10th Dec 2011    Southwold

Please contact me direct on 07753 637897 or email if you are interested, all events need to be booked to secure a place.

Deb X

Easter Break

Hello my lovelies, 

What a blazing weekend over the Easter break.  I hope you all had a fantastic time whatever you were doing.  I have been hosting an Easter egg hunt for the last four or five years primarily for my Granddaughter.  This year we had twelve children both family and friends and next year already looks like another three will be added. Maybe its time to invite the whole road and maybe they will let us use there gardens to, that would be awesome.

Looking forward to next weekend now another long lovely break.

Lets hope the sun continues through out the summer we could do with a good one, this year.  We are in the process of planning our summer escape on two wheels (no not cycling) on the Motorbike, can't wait.  Although my hubby probably can I have informed him we will be getting new crash helmets with microphone gadgets in so we can talk, I am afraid his thirty years of peace are over, ha, ha.

Love to all my old and new friends.



WOW what a weekend

Hello dear people,

I have just had a lovely weekend working at the Woodbridge MBS fair in Suffolk and I am quite sure I managed to see quite a few of you there.  The energies were lovely and felt well balanced,  as usual there were slower moments this gave the workers time to shop or have a treatment,  I had a lovely top up of Kineaseology, if you haven't tried it yet look at for it, its is fantastic and never fails to relax and release energy within me.  Then masses arrived expecting readers etc and that was what I was there to do.  So I would like to thank all those who chose to have a reading with me.  As a result of this I have now organised a second workshop on spiritual development on Sat 4th June 2011 the first one being 7th May 2011 so book quickly for the workshop of you choice. 

Reiki 1 start date has been changed to Sat 14th June.

There will be another Intimate evening of Clairvoyance at Ladies that Lunch in Ipswich on Friday 20th May 2011, there is also to be a Psychic Supper with 6 mediums giving readings on Friday 3rd June 2011.  These are both fantastic evenings and I get asked back time after time.  Book directly with them on 01473  211138.

The next Old Ways Workshop is at Southwold on Saturday 11th June 2011.

There will be an Aura Workshop on Saturday 18th June.

Reiki Masters is due to start Wednesday 22nd June 2011.


Please circulate this to all who may be interested and I hope to see you on a workshop soon.

Live & Love in Harmony & Tranquillity

Deb X

Thank you all

Hello everybody,

Thanks to all of you who attended my Intimate evening of clairvoyance in Southwold, I was impressed there was so much intuitive talent on show ,be proud of what you accomplished. I am sure I will see you all again soon.  Life has been a little bit hectic with me working three jobs like so many of you out there.  Thank you all for being patient as I juggle a few workshops around e.g. tarot and Reiki these will be reorganised in the future.  The tarot workshop at the Cedars Church in Ipswich and there will soon be more dates to add so keep checking back.   This week on 13th April I will be teaching a Past Life workshop in Wickham Market.

Enjoy the fantastic sun and I 'll do another blog soon.

Deb X

Brain training

Hello my lovely's,

Sorry I have not been blogging in a while, just started new day job and have been completing induction by brain is ready to explode now so ignore if my spelling if rubbish.  I have felt so shut up I am not used to being inside constantly. I am somebody who needs space and just have not felt that I have had it.  But never mind I had a great laugh with people I met on the course.  I may not be meeting up with them again as we work in different counties.  So if any of you get to check out my site HELLO. I must go now brain really wants tyo sleep desperately.


Please check out new events and workshops on the webiste:

Psychic Supper, Fri 25th March, Ipswich

Workshop Beginners Tarot Sat 26th March, Ipswich 

Next Mediumship event 8th April 2011, Southwold

Deb X


Hello everybody,  its okay now I've had my stress, for three days I have been trying to update my shop on the website, ha,ha,ha oh sorry going into hysterics once again.  With emails flying backwards and forwards for help they must think I am useless.  I have done everything, so in theory my shop should now sort itself out. Ha you think, after sorting my scripts and cookies out no it no keep saying I have letters instead of numbers, sorry I want to scream again but instead I must step away and turn this blasted computer off and try again tomorrow. Keep smiling because I'm struggling at the moment.  One good thing I have manged to do, is actually advertise half of my events on the  I have been promising myself all week that I must do it then problems started, no I won't keep going on about it.
Deb X

Birthday time

Hello you lovely people,

My birthday is coming up no I'm not angling for birthday cards, I can't wait my daughter has booked us a spa day at Ufford Park WOW. The day after we are off to Aqua Springs in Colchester.  So I have two days of total relaxation and pampering.

Probably won't get to the go for a meal as its been a busy two months for birthday, Daughter, 2 sister in laws and my mother on top of that 2 days after mine is my mother in laws then we get a little rest thankfully.  Mind you with everything rising in price we all decided to cut back a couple of years ago and spend less.  But it is lovely to spend the day with people on there birthday it helps to lift the energies don't you think.

I was totally shocked to realise I arrived home at 5.15 a couple of days ago and it was still daylight, spring is definitely around he corner.  I passed a woodland area near home with a golf club and noticed the woods were filled with snowdrops, apart from Jasmine snowdrop are my second favourite, I just realised I have something for the colour white, that little bombshell took me enough years to work out.

Take care love and hugs

Deb X

The sun has got his hat on

Hi Everybody,

Happy New Year to you all and I hope your festive season went with a bang.  I don't know about your neck of the woods but here in Wickham Market the sun is definitely shining.  Everything looks so much brighter when the sun is high,  Sorry I haven't been on in a while, what with escaping Chirstmas to go visit the Caribbean I know hardship.  We visited Islands that were just fantastic,  St Vincent, people were so friendly as you walked by they stopped and touched your hand pr arm and asked if you were having a good holiday,  We never felt threatened, it was very surreal, I even asked my husband if I looked ill in case people were worried about me, he assured me I was my normal self.  Although it was not a rich island in money sense it was rich in love, you could feel it.  Everybody appeared to know each other and were calling out to others.  Would that happen in England never most of us don't know our neighbours let alone the road we live in. St Vincent made me realise that we all need to connect in with others more, after all it made me feel so good to have that little bit of attention, think of what we could do for others.

My favourite place on all the Islands was a place called Pusser's Landing, I think it was Dominica.  I could have sat in that peaceful little harbour for ever.  I did manage a short meditation which must have been about my only one on that busy holiday.  As usual my hubby stayed close to offer me protection to do my thing. I was so peaceful feeling the breeze on my face and the sun in my hair and the water lapping at the edge of the jetty. I could live somewhere like that when its time to retire, um maybe I should mention it to Roy.

Well its back to the grindstone doing ten jobs at once and never knowing where I am next but I love it. 

Talk Soon.


Happy Festivities

Hello Universe, 

This will probably be my last Blog until the New Year.  As I will be celebrating on far away shores this year.  I hope you all have a fantastic time with your families and loved ones.  But please, please do not just remember those in the family, think of your friends however close, especially those that may not have family close by and invite them over.  Invite a homeless person in to share Christmas day with you.  Remember the season is not just about giving to those who already have, but offering help / love to whomever is in need.  If you don't feel you could invite a homeless person in off the street you  could help out in a shelter or sponsor somebody through companies such as Plan international or Oxfam.

Whoever you are and wherever you are I wish you all the best for the season.

Speak to you soon,  let me know who you have helped during the time of giving.

Deb X


Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow.

Hi Everybody,

I'm going to make this quick as my tummy is letting me know it wants food as it hasn't had any yet.  I don't know where you are in the world but England is white, thought I'd let you know in case you're unaware, you know maybe you don't have vision, television, telephone computor etc etc.  I don't know about you but I love snow, when I'm indoors of course where else would I be.  But shortly I have to put my wellies and big waterproof coat (thermal I might add) in order to find my way to the shops.  At present, through my window I cannot see where my path ends and road begins so it should be interetsing.

It won't be long and I will be in a sunnier climate as my holiday is getting closer each day, yes I'm that close, I'm counting down.  Oh I can't wait to be back in summer clothes but for you, well I'm afraid you'll have to wait a while longer for that to happen.

In case I don't get to update this before Christmas have a fantastic time and make the most of it. Remember family should always with you wherever you go and they should be the ones to stand by you in your time of need.  So if anybody doesn't think there family meets this criteria let them know after all its Christmas, spend on love,  joy and hugs.


Holiday season

Hi everybody, 

A big Thank you to those I taught on the Tarot workshop last weekend, I was a pleasure to teach you all.  For most of you I suspect you are now busy writing Christmas lists and deciding which family members can have you company this year.  Well not for me and my hubby we are of to a sunnier climate, don't know where yet but I will be fantastic.  Every now and again we do this, I enjoy this as it helps to bring Christmas into focus as just another religious holiday.  I personally feel we spend too much on this season  and people should connect more with each other and not on the wallet.  Our family have started doing a secret santa.  We buy for the little ones as normal but for the adults we now decide on an amount to spend not more than £50 and draw names out of a hat.  That person would have also provided a list of what they want.  So no rubbish is brought which will be stuck in the back of the cupboard for another year.

Must be off I have to prepare for the past life workshop on Saturday 30th Oct and Psychic supper at Ladies that lunch Ipswich on the 12th and 26th November 2010 and the next Reiki 2 on 5th Nov for three days and don't forget tickets are on sale for the Intimate evening of clairvoyance in Southwold 3rd Dec 2010.  Busy aren't I I will try to fit in meditation in between each one and breath a little of course.

Talk to you all soon

Deb x

Keeping balanced

Hello all,

Sorry I haven't been in touch for a while but I have been working full time for the first time in a long while.  It's a killer you could say I have been working more than that.  Full time in the week and still do teaching and readings evenings and weekends.

For those of you who work full time permantently please accept my condolescences.  This has been a major shock to my system.  To start with I couldn't wait to hobble home at the end of the day.  Then when I got here I managed to collapse on the sofa and beg my long suffering husband to cook.  I am glad to say I have now become used to the hours, I am not so tired at the end of the day.  So hopefully I can write to you all a little more.

For those of you who have managed to be out in the sun over the last two days in Suffolk well done, I hope you all enjoyed lovely weather whereever you are in the world and if not wrap up warm or cuddle up to somebody warm.

If you are interested I am now in the process of placing 2010 / 2011 courses and workshops on the website.  It still needs a bit of a tidy up but it should be readable. 

NEW workshop. I am teaching a beginners tarot workshop on Sat 23rd October 2010 at the Cedars Spiritualist Church, Ipswich the cost is £25.  This is nearly full so if you want a place book asap. Booking essential.

Remember if you want tickets for Intimate evening of clairvoyance on Fri 3rd Dec 2010 get yours quick thy have now started selling and it doesn't take long for them to sell out. Tickets £12 with drink and nibbles included. Booking essential.

Look out for another new workshop next year in February 2011.  I have been asked to do a refresher Reiki workshop for those that have become a little rusty.

Love to all across the world.

Debz X

Wonderful life

Hello everybody,

For those of us around Suffolk we actually saw a little sun which was fantastic.  After a little work this morning I spent the day with my daughter and granddaughter.  We managed to fit so much in, I had a competition with Lilly (gd) to see who could swing the highest in Alexandra Park.  Next we walked along the Strand for those who do not know where that is, it's under the Orwell bridge towards Freston  it was lovely collecting seaweed and shells it always fascinates me to see how far the Orwell retreats.  I find this area of the River Orwell awe-inspiring it never fails to take my breath away. I must add the seaweed was Lil's favourite.  Next stop was Shotley we walked along to the Marina and on top of all that I went to the gym nobody can now say I do not exercise.  Hence the reason I am now writing my blog is I sit on the sofa any longer I will seize up.

Sat 21st Aug 2010at Haven health and beauty Southwold I will be doing a beginners trance workshop so for all who are curious this may be for you.  I would like you to have some background knowledge of clairvoyance and other spiritual development.  This needs to be pre-booked, as limited spaces.

Don't forget tickets are now on sale from the Haven and I for the Initmate evening of Clairvoyance Sat 4th Sept 2010 in Southwold.  These are lovely evenings as the audience sees a demonstration of Mediumship, enjoying drinks and nibbles and before the end of the evening there is time to practice your own budding clairvoyant abilities, if you choose.  I must stress this is not compulsory  I like to think I provide an evening for everybody. This needs to be pre-booked, as limited spaces.

Advanced tarot course in Wickham Market, starting 22nd Sept 2010 for 3 full days.  This course is designed for those who already have experience of tarot and reading for others.  You will learn more about connecting in with your guides (teachers) and how to sense to energy shifts around you.  Part of this course is meditating with others and learning to work with past life connections. This needs to be pre-booked, as limited spaces.

Keep smiling and have a lovely sunny week.

Deb X


Bak to the grindstone

Hello everybody,  I hope over this summer, (what, where is it I hear you all ask well, i'm afraid this year its a case of blink and miss it).  Well as I said I hope you've had a rest of some sort whether it's soaking up sun, ya right I get the drift or just lazing around with your loved one.  We all deserve a rest and time to recouperate.  I have just come back from another holiday aren't I doing well this year.  This time Roy my hubby and I toook the motorbike for a decent run  we travelled up the east coast as far as Whitby.  We see some lovely non stressful places e.g West Runton tucked discreetly between Cromer and Sheringham well worth a visit.  One pub The village inn fantastic food and welcome  I even had them debating over the best desert to feed me as usual I couldn't decide. A couple of B&Bs and a fantastic long sandy beach.  My other little gem is Robin hood bay just outside of Whitby so named because Robin holiday'd there during his hiding period or when the forest got to hot to handle.  The place is on a very steep hill but managable  on the way down you'll come across an assortment or quaint old style shops, pubs just beautiful not really the place to meditate like West Runton but had its own charm.

My biggest shock was to discover Whitby has cult status for the Goths as Dracula was reported to have been ship wrecked and found his way to the Abby upon entering England according to Bram Stoker writings on Dracula as it was in Whitby the writer wrote some if not all of the story.  So as you walk around around there is a selection of my type of shop, incense, crystals, cauldrons and the like and a least one Dracula show.  On the way into Whitby we even passed a B&B on the hill riding down I think it was called Bats and Broomsticks,  it looked interesting.  If you give it a try let me know what its like.

Love Deb X 


That was how I felt at the calling.  It all started so good, after we got there and visited Glastonbury of course that had to be first on the list. Upon arrival we were, (we being Sonja and I) were totally knackered.  But we managed to get the tent put together with no troubles after our practice run.  We assumed we would be given commuity jobs to do as we often found at this type of event.  But no there was a lovely cook she may have growled if we got too close to the kitchen but the food was brilliant so thank you.  There was approximately forty of us on this Shamanic adventure.  We spent the evening in an opening ceremony and got the drums out ready for dancing fantastic.  Since I had arrived my body began a form of detox in other words I needed my own personal eco toilet not a shared one.  I needed a pee so often I began to feel pregnant again.  Those that have been there will understand.  By Saturday afternoon I was an emotional wreck,  I had thought that I'd released my problems by apparently I hadn't  they were still lurking.  I will never go away to a weekend like that again with any preconceived ideas.  It was a healing weekend and for all the tears spilt, I enjoyed the place and the people and I was not the one in tears.  If you ever get the chance to go on one of Barbara Micklejohn's Free's weekends go it was amazing.  Meare where we were is on a river literally the river flows undernearth the gorund.  So when you walk, the earth actually moves and when we were drumming you could feel the vibration go through the earth and into you totally amazing.  If anybody from the weekend checks out this blog feel free to get in contact. 

Tickets are now on sale for both autumn and winters  An Intimate evening of clairvoyance 4th Sept and 3rd Dec 2010  £12 a head with drink and nibbles,  these nights sell out very fast so if you're interested get your ticket early.

Check out the website for Tarot course coming in September level 1 and the advanced,  there is also opportunity for an 8 week course at Southwold.  Tarot course are normally only in Wickham Market.

Love to you all 

Deb X

Holiday time is upon us.

Hello all,

Sun, sun glorious sun please stay with us for the next two weeks, well at least this weekend as we're camping, so not too much mud please.  What a fortnight busy just a little last week I was doing a mediumship event in Southwold,  I must say a lovely thank you to my sellout audience who assured me they had an extremelly good time.  Especially at the end when I produced ribbons and informed them if they wanted to stay and play they could.  Everybody was so thrilled I have been asked to go again in 24th Sept see the events and exhibitions page.  For anybody who is interested the Advanced Tarot and meditation course has now been moved to 22nd Sept  please see the Futre events page.

Love and hugs  Debz X


Hello my lovely's,

What were you all thinking about?

I was thinking about tents,  Sonja and I spent Sunday afternoon in the garden after very enjoyable Chinese lunch.  Whilst there we were watched by our other halves who refused to help us, as we put the tent up in preparation for the day we have to do it ourselves at the Calling.  I must add that I thought we did okay and did not need any help from the men thankfully as we would never have lived it down.  If there is anybody out there going to the same event during the 1st weekend of July drop us a line especially if you've been before then you vcan tell me all about it.  I know I sound like a kid in a candy store.  Have a fantastic week and lets see the sun again soon.

Love Debz

The Calling

Is calling me closer, not long now then I'm off the the Calling a Shamanic retreat weekend, sweat lodges, druming, journeying and loads of workshops.  I can't wait, its been a while since I camped but I've proved today that I'm still capable of putting up a tent although I don't know about fitting it all back in the bag afterwards.

I have had a fantastic weekend teaching past life on Saturday to yet another fantastic group of people,  hopefully I will have pictures on the web soon once Carol emails them.  Just so you all know I did a really silly thing after the workshop I had cleared up placing the remaining chocolate Gatuex in a bag in the kitchen ready to go out to the bin.  Then I got carried away with the idea of a social life and a rare night out to the pub, I fogot.  For those of you there you Know I was dog sitting. Once out Bella the lovely Spaniel decided the bag was too tasty to leave. We arrived home to gatuex etc all over the kitchem floor, she had also managed to escape the from the kitchen and cover my sofa with chocolate.  I know my fault.

I have had lovely weekend out in pubs and restaurants visiting family and friends, whom I'd like to send a big hug to for all the fun, laughter especially the Salsa joke.

Love to you all



This has definately been a remarkable couple of weeks. I have managed to get a lot of writing done with one short story to edit slightly and I've nearly completed my biggest story so far.  Its 85 pages long so far and I still have a teensy weeny bit to complete.  But then comes the hard part asking others to help edit it because I'm rubbish, the same as any other writer in deleting and rearranging the work we have so painstaking written.  It just breaks our hearts but never the less it has to be done.

On top of that I have visited a friend Pree yesterday who gave me back 3 books she had borrowed, it was lovely to have lunch with her and Mandy and I bumped into Susan in Woodbridge today low and behold she also said that she had one of my books.  So if anybody else out there wants to hand books back and have a cuppa I'll be home Tuesday 27th May all day so if you fancy popping around I'll be pleased to see you all.

Next workshop Past life 5th June in Wickham Market and I have an Intimate evening of clairvoyance on Friday 25th June 2010 Hope to see you there call 07753 637897 for tickets and details.

Enjoy this magnificent sun have a lovely weekend.  Deb X

Past life

Just completed a past life workshop,  Well I should say spiritual development because we spent a whole day, playing looking at all sorts of aspects of our development whilst learning from each other.  I would like to say a big thank you to Roz and Louise for their great company.  It was a pleasure to teach them and I hope to see them both in the future.  I always love the feeling a days teaching leaves me with.  I'm still buzzing and will be for a while yet,  I know I should close down, I'll do it later, I'm enjoying the feeling too much.  A giant thank you to those who came to my last Clairvoyant evening in Southwold  and I hope you all enjoyed learning a little about telepathy afterwards.  On the evening, I am doing readings at Hillside CP school on Thursday 13th May 2010, so if you would like to pre-book a reading £10 for 20 minutes let me know starting at 6.30pm  I have another Past life event on 5th June 2010 in Wickham Market if you're interested and another evening of Clairvoyance in Southwold 25th June, tickets are now on sale.  They are both to be pre-booked, due to limited spaces.  Hope to see you there.

Deb X

Retreat weekend

Hi Everybody,

I must tell you all about a fantastic weekend I have just had.  A friend and I went away to Willsham in Willows near Ixworth for a Buddhist retreat weekend.  Now I am not a Buddhist but I hold with a lot of there beliefs.  So I felt it would be a good place for me to chill out and get back to meditating.  It did the trick, for those who were there, I apologise for ignoring you most of the weekend.  I ended up writing the whole weekend, every where I went my notepad and pen went too.  By the end of the weekend I had written a short story and my first poem.  I would definitely say my inspiration is back at last and I also meditate loads.  So I would like to thank the Ipswich Buddhist centre for a fantastic retreat. In the next few days I will be putting the poem on the website, so keep looking back.   Hope to see you in Southwold on Saturday for An Intimate Evening of Clairvoyance.   Have a lovely week and fantastic weekend. 


Its great to have a little me time

Hi everybody,

Its great to have a little me time doing the garden, the weather has been great.  I love it when the weeding needs doing.  As soon as the birds see me out there with my bucket and trowel, they begin calling to each other, I always have to brave birds a Blackbird and a Robin who have the courage to come right up to where I'm working and pluck a ripe juicy worm.

Remember next weekend I'll be doing readings at the Woodbrigde MBS event.  So come along for a chat if you're passing.  On the 30th April I am doing, An Intimate Evening of Clairvoyance at Haven Health & Beauty in Southwold, Its £12 a ticket with free glass of bubbly. Tickets now selling past, so get yours quick as numbers are limited and it is ticket only.  Hope to see you there.

Spring is here at last.

I have been out in the garden planting my cauliflowers, cabbages and onions and radishes today.  Everytime I try to dig the dogs are licking at my heels or hands.  Every shoot they think is dinner.  The big question "Will they dig them up before morning".  The answer, "Not if they want to live".

Tomorrow I'll have a go at the weeding although I still have to be careful since my operation.

I now have my laptop out ready to get cracking on my writing at present I'm revamping a previous children's story.  I have also been telphoning packaging companies to see who can package my CD's so if you know of anybody let me know please as I'm becoming desperate.

New events Southwold this year are Tarot and meditation courses and I'm holding to clairvoyant evenings ( An intimate evening of Clairvoyance) 30th April and 25th June 2010.  I will also be free those days for private readings.


Take care enjoy the sun and each other.

Debz X


I would like to say a big thank you to everybody who turned out for our Evening of Clairvoyance at St Clements Social Club Ipswich.  I apologise for the technical hitch at the beginning and hopefully it didn't effect anybody's evening too much.  We raised £1,588 for Haiti.  It was a lot of work but definitely worth it.  I enjoyed it so much I intend to more event from now on with my first one being 30th April 2010 at the Haven health and beauty Southwold, check out the exhibitions and events page.

Night night for now and don't let the bed bugs bits.

Deb X


Hello everybody,

Sorry its been a while since my last update.  I'm now back at work and settling in again  its surprising how tiring it is after you've had time off to get back in the swing.  My arm is nearly back to its old self.  The odd little twinge when I least expect it but I know its just reminding me to take it easy.

It's getting exciting now, the event raising money for Haiti is this Thursday 11th March so if you haven't got your tickets sorted you'd better give me a ring 07753 637897 as we only have about 40 left and they are going fast.  I was stressing about what to wear so I've had a fashion show around my daughters whilst hr and my grandaughter looked through everything and helped me decide.  For those that know me you'll understand how stressful I found that.  I have a very busy day tomorrow so won't have time to talk again until after the show, when I'll tell you all about it.

Take care of yourselves

Deb X

PS If you're around on Thursday the 11th don't forget to say hello.


As you can see life is getting easier now, my writing hand is nearly back to normal its the rest of me that continues to be abnormal according to my hubby that is.  But who cares he must love the abnormal side because he's still around. Well thats enough about my man.  I've been preparing for Saturday 6th Feb workshop at Southwold.  I also recovered from teaching Reiki Masters last weekend and would just like to say well done Masters it was great spending 3 days with you all, love to all of you.                     

Mediumship event raising money for Haiti

Hello everybody,  I'm still buzzing from teaching Reiki today, if I keep this up I won't last until Saturday.  I'll have to get the students to keep nudging me awake, I mean you Nic ha, ha.  Keep checking the site tickets will soon be ready for a fantastice mediumship event coming soon 11th March.  Three of Suffolk's finest Mediums will be on stage at St Clements social club Gaye Harrison, Wayne McHugh and of course little ole me.  We aim to raise as much money as possible for those lovely people who are trying to survive in Haiti.  So please come and Sponsor us tickets will be £7 each there'll also be a raffle on the night.


I'm at the Temple of Light in Felixstowe tomorrow.  For my first official platform duty.  So today I have say chilling out whilst I channelled words for the Church address (piece of writing to talk about).  As I did not want to become tongued tied on the day and not remember the subject.  I enjoy channeling words.  You should all try it sometime, just sit quietly with no television or telephone on, using pen and paper and write whatever comes to you.  This is better if you don't look at the paper, because then you know your physical mind is not just putting the words there.  Enjoy your channelling,  why not write to me and let me know how you got on.

Clear skies are on the way!

Well they will be one day.  For those of us in Suffolk UK the snows well on the way out because all the rain is chasing it away.  It seems strange to be looking at green grass again.  If you watch it closely you can see each blade of grass fighting to stand up once again after the hybernation the snow caused it. The once proud leaves of the plants have long since been flattened or deserted the plant at the first sight of the white powdery stuff whats it called oh I remember SNOW.  But we all know the grass and the flowers will bounce back in time for spring.

My hand is feeling lots better I still have to rest it every couple of days which I'm meant to be doing now but boredom struck.  I have been busy printing copies of workbooks for all my students who'll be joining me for Reiki Masters 28th - 30th Jan, and those who are coming on my Deepening Clairvoyance workshop on the 6th Feb.  Don't I take care of you all of course I do. 

I now have a new idea floating through my mind, about the possibility of orgainising a Mediumship event to raise money for the dreadful earthquake in Hiati.  Please can I ask everybody to send healing prayers / thoughts to those in need not only in Hiati but across the world including a young lad I've been told about lee Wilcox Junior who has cancer, he is only 17.

Time for some channelling I think to help me prepare for Temple of Light in Felixstowe next.

Wrap up warm folks more to come

Hi everybody, I'm back again.  Today has been excellent I have managed to have a Yoga session.  I found it hard after not doing it for so long but I really enjoyed it, there were one or moves I struggled with due to my hand but this will shortly improve. A blissful meditation was enjoyed shortly after, this was this morning and at 5.30 I still chilled out.  Don't know about you lovely people but Wickham Market has had a traffic jam yesterday.  If you know Wickham Market you'll how rare this is.  One car stuck in the middle of a narrow road, with a dead engine, on a small hill, a tractor in front and a milk cart behind in this weather.  Even when the car got started it still struggled with the hill, then the tractor slid a little, high drama.  I have never seen a milk float go backwards and forwards so many times he must have felt like a yoyo.  But all was well in the end hurrah.

A busy new year for me

Hello Everybody,

Well as you can probably see if you're in the UK the snow is still with us.  Although where I am it still appears as a winter wonderland, at least we are able to get about and enjoy it.  I commiserate with everybody else who is stuck indoors elsewhere in the UK or the world come to think of it.  Let me know from across the world what your weather has been like and how you're coping.  You may be somebody who has just had the world's biggest snowball fight or you may prefer sitting by a log fire and not moving. 

Thank you all for your kind thoughts sent after my operation,  Everything is healing nicely now, I am able to drive now but writing is still a little tricky.

Work is now becoming busy again I already have a full Reiki Masters course at the end of Janaury. I've just organised my first 8 week Tarot and Meditation course 17th Feb, at Haven Health and Beauty in Southwold.  The Deepening Clairvoyance workshop in Southwold 6th Feb is filling up nicely.

Have a lovely day.


I've had enough

I want the full use of my hand back, life's so frustrating and limiting at present.  But never mind my grumbles.  What's new for now, I have just updated the web site future events page for 2010.  I will add 2011 in a couple of days, after I've rested this hand again.  I have also managed to to sort my email list out so I will endeavour to send that shortly.  If anybody wants me to add any other names into the email list please send them or complete the  mailing list on the website. Keep an eye on the the events page as I finally doing Church Platform at the Temple of Light in Felistowe Jan 2010, is this the start of something new we'll see what 2010 brings.  I hope you all have a fantastic new year.

Love to you all Debz xx

Snow, snow glorious snow, who's been sleding, making snowman and snow angels?     If you haven't get out there now.   England especially suffolk does not see snow like this very often so lap it up everybody.   If my hand and arm were in good order I'd be outside, but as it is if I slip then more damage will occur all together now arh.   Sorry, I'll stop groaning now.

I've updated homepage and about me, I've finally added more on Peru keep checking back I still have lots to add.

Can I also ask you all to send healing to a young man of 17 his name is Lee Junior and he is suffering from severe cancer, so is in a poorly way at present.

Hand is hurting talk again soon.

Deb X

Evening everybody,  been having a little bit of a lazy time as I'm now recovering from having my Carpal Tunnel operation.  Ever tried not using your predominant hand, it's not easy let me tell you.  Tried to write some Christmas cards today I managed 10 in nearly 3 hours and was shattered so I wished everybody a fantastic Yuletide by text, I know its a cheat but it seemed the easiest way.

I attended the Psychic Supper at the Cedars Spiritualist Church last night.  If you've never been to one of their evenings you must make the effort in 2010.

I hope to be updating the events page shortly, once my hand is once again in working order.

Don't stress too much during the run to festivities.

Deb X


Work, work and more work

I've been very busy the month sorting out my new CD's and beginning to sell them,  I'm looking forward to the day I get them in shops that'll be exciting.  I also have a new day job as an NVQ Assessor and Lecturer so that should keep me out of trouble.  Tomorrow I'm having a day off and I'm going to the Robin hood game and country fair at the Suffolk Showground, Trinity Park so I may see you there.  Have Fun Deb X

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