Come and chill out in Wickham Market with like minded people.

S P I R I T U A L   D E V E L O P M E N T

Last Thursday of the month 

Come along to monthly groups in Wickham Market, Suffolk where you can learn meditation and let the universal energies teach you how to overcome obstacles in your daily lives. You will be taught all aspects of spiritual development from card reading through to claivoyance. Using a large media of tools to aid your development i.e.ribbons, crystals, angel cards, tarot, nature objects.  

Each session you will take part in, a meditation & 2 activities all designed especially for you. My guide Rojart chooses the object most likely to benefit you at that time, he helps to bring your guides & family closer to you.

Everybody learns at their own pace this group is for you, whether you are a beginner or advanced, whatever age.  Young people would be more than welcome with parental consent, this group would suit teenagers.  Even though I have no age restrictions younger children may find it hard to meditate. 

We will be participating in a variety of;


These vary sometimes you are talked through a journey to quiet spot other times you just stay peaceful and find inner reflection, guidance to daily problems.


These are similar to an imaginary walk.  You are guided along a scene, as each step is described you will be seeing this, while adding your own individual perspective.  During visualisations family, friends & guides from spirit will come to visit to offer you personal insight into your life dilemma, let them teach you how to overcome obstacles in your daily lives.


This is Shamanic journeying with the help of your animal guide.  You have 3 possible starting points, the most used for beginners is the underworld.  Its a parallel universe it is a lot like here on Earth.  We can find out a lot about ourselves even heal neglected or lost parts of our souls.  Journeying is carried out using drums, the beat of the drum dictates the speed of the journey. To journey is a very exhilarating experience. 


We will also be learning to focus on our breathing with a variety of techniques used in other therapies and exercises. These will all help to relax us further into a deeper sense of calm and unblock our own negativity.