Have you ever wondered how to cut down on daily stress at work? Now, there is an answer.

As a Therapeutic Facilitator, I teach Indian Head Massage, Reiki and Focused Relaxation to assorted people in varying situations.  These training opportunities are on offer to help your relax from your stressful lifestyle, whether it be work or family and help you work more effectively.

I began teaching one ore two people at a time privately over previous years I have been an active part of Suffolk New Colleges Leisure Learning Team.  Offering Indian Head Massage and Relaxtion on a larger scale.

My work background, before starting my own business was in Childcare and Learning Disabilities. At present I am also an NVQ Assessor for Health & Social Care.

As you can guess in both environments the stress levels can be extremelly high at times.  I have recently been offered an opportunity to teach Indian Head Massage to the staff in a Learning Disabilities establishment.  This will be an excellent opportunity for them to use:

On each other,

On the Service Users

 On themselves

Something for you, the employer to think about is staff retention coming from your work environment I fully understand this problem. If your staff were happy with their work and could find a way to let go of the stress load they carry. You would have:

Happier staff

More smiling faces ensuring Service users were happy.

Less people taking time off through sickness / stress

Less relief workers or agency intervention ensuring regular staff who know what they are doing and who are trained and know the service users.

All ratios being met

Ensuring smoother run shifts

Less behavioural issues with service users

Those service users who are in need, would also be able to have a treatment, thus helping them recover faster than normal.

Once again peace reigns

You the employer would save, save ,save by keeping your staff, not paying for time off and not using agencies etc.



Indian Head Massage

This therapy has been used for thousands of years primarily by people in India and other Asian countries. In recent years it has been spoken of by the Native Americans who use a similar technique but also used the person's aura to aid a peaceful calming effect. Indian Head Massage consists of various massage techniques used on the; Head - Upper Back - Shoulders - Arms - Neck - Face the massage always takes place fully clothed and can be adapted for each individual. 

This therapeutic method has been used to help:

Relaxation                                                         Reduce Stress Levels

Aid Insomnia                                                     Balance Blood Pressure

Aids Hair Growth                                              Stregthens Hair

Helps Minor Illness                                          Calms

Helps Behavioural Problems e.g. ADHD        Helps Overcome Addictions



Reiki is a very old method of Therapuetic Touch from Tibet, dating back thousands of years. It has been reintroduced by a Japanese doctor in the 1880's. Reiki will be carried out while the client either sits or lays down. As above this takes place fully clothed throughout, Reiki is carried out by either placing the hands on or above specific areas of the body; the positions are known to be the primary chakra points.

Reiki helps with:

Stress Reduction                                                            Self Confidence

Self Esteem                                                                     Pregnancy

Expression of Feelings                                                   Helps Overcome Addictions

Calms the Restless                                                         Helps Aid Self Realisation

Illness (Physical / Emotional)                                         Helps Behavioural Problems

Emotional Distress (Fear, Anger from Past or Present)


Focused Relaxation                            

Working with people in a care setting takes a lot of our energy and we need time to be able to recoup that which we have lost.  By regularly taking part in focused relaxation we are able to bring our mind and body back into balance.  This one day workshop allows you the experience of taking part in a relaxation exercise to allow you first hand experience of the fantastic benefits.

You will also be taught how to inpart this knowledge to others, e.g. in group activities.  Even if the methods are only used occassionally everybody will benefit from these. 

But regular session of relaxation can give the same benefits as Reiki etc.


This cannot be booked through the website shop. Please call me on 07753 637897 to discuss options or for postal details.