Atlantean Element Reiki

Healing with Reiki Reiki means life force energy.   This relaxing form of healing is easy to use on family and friends.  Healing takes place on a emotional and spiritual level it has been known to heal physical illnesses.  Using your hands to heal the 12 primary chakra's, to rebalance your body leaving you feeling calm and less stressed. Reiki 1, 2 & Masters are taught by me.

Atlantean Element Reiki 1   

A two day intensive course designed to introduce you to Reiki Healing. You will learn all about the history of Reiki and its origines. The course teaches you how to heal yourself, family and friends.

Atlantean Element Reiki 2    

You need certificates proving completion of Reiki 1. Upon completion of Reiki 2 you wil be allowed to practice on the general public as long as you are in receipt of insurance. Reiki 2, a two day intensive course, will teach you how to treat others with varying problems. This will also qualify you to practice for Insurance purposes. You will learn how to send healing through crystals etc for distance healing. Looking at required client paperwork you will need to keep etc. Give and receive treatments while you learn. Fine tune your skills while training. Learn the power of the symbols.

Atlantean Element Reiki 3 Masters

Can only be completed when in receipt of certificates for Reiki 1 & 2. Reiki 3 allows you to teach this wonderful healing to others. You will learn further symbols which can be used to enhance healing and to give attunements on others. Others methods of are taught to further your healing abilities.

Tarot level 1

This course is designed for beginners and those who have recently started learning. Over the 3 days you will learn meditation; tarot cards and various spreads. Once completed, you will have the confidence to use this gift on a daily basis without the use of books.

Advanced Tarot 

This course is designed for semi and professional, for all who have been  reading and want further information to help define the techniques and build upon professionalism. Over the 3 days you will learn meditation; tarot cards  and various spreads. You will learn how to run your own groups and how to begin to teach others. You will learn how to connect in stronger with your guides in the spirit world, thus learning to hear and see more.


Spiritual Development

All types of meditaion e.g visualisation - silent - journeying taught.  Learn how to use the universal energy to connect in with others.  Reading objects e.g tea leaves, crystal ball and cards is easy when you know how and you will know before the end of the course.  Over the 5 days you will learn how to work with spirit and how to tune into a variety of helpers e.g. Faeries, Angels, Healers & Animals.  Not to be missed



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