Tribal African                                        No name                

He was my first recognised guide he was with me when I first  joined Liz Zimmerman's working development group. He helped me when I first became clairvoyant. Sadly he moved on when Rogart felt it was the right time to rejoin me.


Roman Rogart                                       Rojart is my main guide.  

He is always somewhere in the background however or whatever I am working on, it's as if he overseas everybody else. He is a very strong guide and I know he will always protect me and others I am working with.


Atlantean                                               Mathias              

Mathias helps me with all my healing work e.g. when I do Reiki, Indian Head Massage or any work with crystals. He has a very calming influence and has the capacity to steady people however anxious they are.


Atlantean                                                Ellendrielle

She has come back to help me.  I used to teach her when I lived in a past life she now chooses to repay me. Ellendrielle has come back to unlock my past memory and abilities.  To show me how to teach everybody about Atlantis and to change the way we use crystals and symbols.


Angel                                                     Isabella

She is beautiful and serene Isobella works with me on angel courses, workshops and while giving angel readings. She brings in other angels in times of crisis to offer healing and encouragement.  Isabella is always asked to join me when I open and offer protection not only to me but whomever I happen to be working with at the time.


Wolf                                                       Meera

Meera is a fantastic grey wolf she works with me when journeying to other worlds through the Shamanic tree of life, to offer healing or looking for other help.


Romany                                                  Mam

She was my mother in a past life.  Who has now come back to teach me all areas of divination.  She arrived about 4 years ago, all I know is that when she has been around.  Because all of a sudden I can read something different, e.g. tea leaves, coffee grains, personal items, water, clouds, sand, pictures.


Native American Warrior                       Keeper of Arms

I have only started working with him recently he is here to teach me about Shamanism but this is work which will take me into the future so I am still learning. He is also my primary Trance Teacher, he can be a little pushy but fun loving.  Keeper at arms als enjoys playing the drums expecially the frame drum and often over shadows me if he's not too busy dancing.


Native American Medicine Man          ? Not working with him yet

As yet we have not worked together but we know of each other he is to take the place of Keeper of Arms when I am ready.  Who knows how many years that may be, but until then I have been assured he is prepared to wait.


Even though there appears to be a lot of guides they all work with me at different times and for varying reasons, they are always with me when I work but Rojart and I decide who will help best in each situation.  I see them all as part of my teaching team.  We are just one of millions of such teams spread throughout the universe.