Readings take place using my clairvoyant abilities along with my other Mediumship skills; psychometry is at times used to aid a more accurate reading.  I may also use my crystal ball, tea leaves, crystals or a personal item from you. Help is obtained from the realm of spirit through family, friends and guides. This can help clear your mind and help you to keep your life in perspective, advice and ways to overcome problem areas will be offered. Life paths are hard to follow at times a reading could help you discover if you are on your path.


I use several different packs for readings the Old Path and Celtic  tarot is are my favourite and these I tend to use more, but other occasions my guide Rogart will ask me to use either the Mystic or Native American set. The spread I use the Gypsy spread this has been my chosen one from the beginning. It works on the principles of the Past, Present & Future. 

Nobody is one hundred percent certain of where Tarot originated some say it emerged from: ancient Egypt, Romany Gypsies, Atlanta, Indian as part of Tantra, Medieval Celtic traditions, others think it came from the Cabbala based upon the Hebrew alphabet. As you can see the list could go on forever. It is universally agreed that the first Tarot dates back to 1392. It is reported in 1492 Visconti family from Milan were the first to have saved a complete pack, Bonifacio Bembo was commissioned by the family to design the cards as a wedding gift. Although different authors over the years have researched Tarot yet it is still shrouded in mysticism and probably always will be. Tarot cards have been impressed upon human society for at least six hundred years.

Some people believe that tarot is part of the occult, supernatural or magical but this is not true, you will discover this as you take the time to learn and understand them and love them. If they were part of the occult or supernatural, then why are they used to see good and the bad is not referred to. When we think about magical it implies that something is made up of trickery this is not the case, when reading for somebody you can only read what is in front of you and as you will learn there is no trickery involved.


Animals are an important aspect of my work, I firmly believe they help to guide us all onto the right path. If we get sidetracked they will be there to offer there strengh and encouragement. Learning to look at each animal and understand the way they live, play and work we are then able to understand there messages to us. Animals instinctively know when we need help, think to your dogs or cats how they cuddle up to you when you are distressed this goes for all animals. But of course the wild animals would not be able to help so directly so they choose to work in more subtle ways.

These readings last approximately 1 hour, all face to face readings are taped with no added cost to you. 

Payment can be made by personal cheque or Paypal please add a further £2 to cover transaction costs . Please refer to price list.

Readings can take place in person, by email or telephone please note readings WILL NOT take place until payment has cleared. For telephone readings I will contact you to pre-arrange a time for you to call me for your reading..