This is so easy and everybody can do it in some form, read on then have a try for yourself.




Telepathy means affected by distance.  Some people are born with this ability although they may never have known it.  Once you start working on your spiritual development, this will help it to unfold enabling you to reach your fullest potential.  Those with this gift must remember to never intrude upon somebody else's thoughts without their knowledge and acceptance, this is equivalent to stealing.  


Never gossip about you may have seen or heard through telepathy that is rude and you will soon loose friends with this type of behaviour. Privacy is important for everybody if we wanted people to know everything then we would tell them ourselves not inspect an invasion of the mind.  If you feel this is happening to you either imagine a shutter or door closing around you and your mind closing it off from others, imagine a bubble of white / silver light around you, protecting your thoughts.  As you become more experienced you will be able to sense when somebody is tapping into your mind.  This would be worth learning, because there is a lot being said about children know being born with telepathic abilities  


We all at some point.;


  •   Know when somebody is in trouble.
  •   Know who is calling you on the telephone
  •   Guess who is going to visit that day.
  •   Know who has sent an email or letter.
  •   Sense when we are being watched.
  •   Meet somebody and realise you have the same ideas at the   same time.
  •   Complete each others sentences.



A good starting point in developing you telepathic abilities is spending a quite time learning to focus on single objects e.g. When you feel ready work with a partner or in small group.  Before sending spend a little time quietening the mind away from daily concerns in some cases it is good to start with a meditation. Always ensure that others not sending cannot see the object, either sit back to back or in another room if your really adventurous try doing long distance telepathy, if you try this remember you both have to be focusing at the same time otherwise it probably won't work.. Always remember to tell the receiver when you are ready to start. Never question or think to deeply about what you are receiving sometimes we ignore what does not appear possible. Take the first things that come into your mind and extend it.



The three primary areas of telepathy are:



           Sending                                Sending information to others



           Channeling                           Information being passed mind to                                                           mind



            Receiving                             Other person recieves pictures                                                          from your mind.




Assorted objects which can be used are:



Playing cards


Zener Cards








Sensory items; flowers, stones, crystals


Use your sense of smell



 Remember to diversify and practice with a wide range of media's in order

your reach your highest potential. The sender needs to spend several

minutes sending everything from their picture / object e.g.


                  Seasons                              Places                           

                  Weather                             Shapes

                  Scenery                              People    

                  Clothes                              Colour

                  Shape                                Texture


At first the receiver can talk about what they can see with the sender; but as you become more experienced stay silent and absorb information like a sponge. When finished receiving write down everything you remember. Then get together with the sender to see how well you did.


You could try sending to children as a game or if you are looking for a child / pet try sending and see how quick they turn up but do remember if they have disappeared through anger or upset make sure when you are sending it is with love not negativity.


During the wars secret service personal were reported to be trained in something called remote viewing. I feel this is a little like telepathy. They had to go in deep meditation in order to travel to new places in order to catch spies etc. They were reputably able to see these places as if they were their. If this was the case were they actually talking to people there in order to build up the bigger picture for themselves. Were they able to manage to zoom themselves to the area and use local peoples mind to help them gain other relevant information. I will leave you with this to churn over in your own mind whether you believe it or not.



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