I have been married for 34 years this year to my long suffering husband Roy and we have 2 fantastic daughters, who both leading their own independent lives the oldest Caroline is married to Andrew, The youngest Nadine is now settled with Mark due to marry in 2020. We now have a younger generation to add to the family my Grandaughter Lilly who is soon to be 14 years old, Ryan who is nearly 7 years old, Aria who is 1 year old. All together now, arhhhhhhhhh. One side of my family originated from Hull, England, moved to Ipswich, England, a long time ago, before I was born. Most have stayed within the Ipswich area. My dad's side is more local, they originated from Norfolk and Suffolk before moving towards London. We are a close knit family who take care of each other, not only in times of crisis.

The family as a whole are not into spiritual development, but is has now emerged that 2 of my cousins have a spirit connection. Both my daughters were born seeing spirit; as they have grown up they are choosing different paths for now. Although spirit does have a way of calling us back when the time is right.

Past Work

I have worked with children and families for 25 years as a childminder, nursery nurse, classroom assistant, care assistant, playleader and an NVQ Assessor in this field.  Working with children and young people, I have noticed that those using holistic methods: ADHD; ADD, Autism etc, appear more able to focus and use self control, self expression within their daily life.  Until now childcare has always been my primary area of work.  Now I diversify and at times work with adults who have learning disabilities. This work is very rewarding it becomes exciting as the client learns new things, you begin to once again see things from a different perspective.

It was here that I decided to learn Indian Head Massage and Reiki; believe me when I say it definitely helps young people and adults alike, to find their focus again. It is then you begin to realise there is more to life than just taking all the time. Giving has a great feel good factor attached to it. So now I have a policy of my own each and every day I do at least one good thing for others without expecting a reward. Yearly I also donate to charities, EACH, Starlight foundation and Plan International.

My work has continued to adapt as I now work with the retired generations as the endeavour to continue to live at home.   

Future Work

Now I'm travelling on a new path and thoroughly enjoying my journey with all of its twists and turns. I really want my work with spirit to be to the best of my ability; at times this appears hard holding down a job and dedicating what's left of life to spirit. Heights of Tranquillity is now 18 years old and it has been one big adventure for me; my husband at first was convinced that I had hit a mid life crisis but even he is impressed with my abilities now.

I do know, that my Social Work training is still put to good use, knowing how to relate to others is an essential part of my work.  If I had not needed to take part in all the presentations (which I hated) then I would be unable to stand in front of people and teach or even give readings for groups etc.

Past Spiritual Experience

As a young child I vaguely remember seeing a lady in a nurses uniform in my room at night; it wasn't until I much older that I was informed by my spirit teachers that she was an early guide sent to protect me. I often had psychic episodes e.g. knowing who was going to visit or telephone all through my life. Again I have always had experiences with Deja Vue as a child I never really gave it a thought but now as an adult I question it every time to try to find the reason behind it. Intuition is something I have utilised through life and it still leads me today; I have never gone wrong following my intuition until recently ( I'll explain more shortly).

At around the age of 13 years old, I went through a very traumatic time I started to have very strange dreams some would call them nightmares. At that time in my life I was into leather jackets, rock music and motorbikes it's good to know that not everything changes, sorry let's get back to the story. These dreams were so vivid it was as if I was there, watching it all unfold.  I'm still not 100% sure if I was being shown the future (premonitions) or astral travelling. All I knew was that it all felt too real. The next day I discovered my friends, fiancé Moses short for Michael, had passed away in a motorcycling accident the previous night. It wasn't until several weeks later that I found out all the relevant information, me being only young, people didn't want to upset me. It all struck me as very strange it was exactly like my dream.

Over the next 2 years there were more such dreams I became very anxious and did not want to sleep, my dreams had now become nightmares. It all came to head when I had yet two more friends Mark and Pauline pass over, I read about it at work the next day I still don't know why I wanted to read it, as I already knew all the details. At that point I broke down at work I decided that I couldn't go on like this. I vaguely remember shouting (not praying to God) to let it finish, then it all stopped. It took months for me to really settle down, I kept expecting it to come back but it never did.

I have recently found out that my guide Rogart was with me then and he knew I would take the deaths very hard, so he wanted to help me. He thought I would come to terms with it easier if I saw it first in dreamstate; when he realised how bad it effected me he stepped back and decided that it was not time for us to work together.

Not too many years ago I obtained a place at college on a Social Work Diploma. Using my intuition had led me to this point, all through my life I had known what I was doing at each turn so I was sure I would get on the course. At the same time as this I had already been doing readings etc, primarily for friends and family but then I decided to work more on my spiritual development.  In the end my training went alongside the Social Work at this point I was still convinced that I would become a Social Worker. 

Upon reflection now I realise that I had only ever seen me training and doing a placement. Before the end of the course I had already decided to start the business, at that time it was under the name of Debz as I felt it would not matter because it would put distance between me and Social Work clients. Then disaster struck or so I thought on my last placement things started to go wrong. I had to redo a small section of the course, it was then discovered that I had Dyslexic traits, I spent the whole summer heartbroken but still carried on with the business ideas. By time my next placement was due to start I was already torn in two directions. It was as if I was being pulled away from Social Work but still I fought it.  

Then it was if a giant burden had gone, I left college still questioning whether I was doing the right thing and put all my energies into the business. I learnt a lot over that period of my life, it is said that when we are called to work for spirit there is generally a life changing occurrence well I would say I have had mine. Now I always think how I can make my life count on a daily basis. I do find that my journey is carrying on and I am being shown my way forward. 

A lady telephoned me out of the blue one day,  I had just finished University,  she asked me to teach an Angel course to a group of Mother and Toddlers.  I remembered laughing and telling her I don't teach. Although I had thought I may be in five years time.  She called me twice more, in the end I gave in and wrote the course.  I enjoyed teaching the course and have taught two of the mothers on the course other things.  At the end of the six weeks the lady came and thanked me for doing it.  I was then shocked, as I was informed, she'd been told to get me to teach before she was ready to leave in order to move back up North.  She was moving back home, up North the following week to paint Angels. 

So if the lady whose name I cannot remember, finds this website I am eternally grateful because I haven't stopped teaching since.

2002 my friend Karen and I decided we would like to visit Peru but didn't want to go on an organised tour as it was both too costly and limiting.  We wanted to explore so in 2005 we set off for a 3 week adventure, the only place we had to sleep was our first night there after that we were on our own.  The plane was delayed to Atlanta USA and we missed our next connection to Lima.  This wasn't long after the twin towers episode  it took an age to get through check in, we were not the only flight the airport had to find everybody hotels to sleep in.

Arriving in Lima one day later put all our plans out of hilter.  By day two we had our first trip to visit the Condores in Colca Canyon.  If you've ever suffered with altitude sickness I commiserate with you whole heartedly. From that day onward's for the next 18 days I had Altitude sickness.  The worst thing I ever had to live through, give me childbirth any day.  My breathing was so bad, we feared I wouldn't be able to manage the Lares Trek to Macho Pichu that we'd booked on. We had no sooner started walking and I was near collapse.  I was put on a horse which I aptly named Samson, those who know me will understand the strength the lovely horse needed, hence the name.

I was sent ahead of the others, with a man and horse I'd never met before.  He could speak no English, my bag and coat had been left with the group and off we trotted into the middle of nowhere.  For the next three days I had to learn to trust that I would be safe and protected.  

I hadn't been on a horse since I was about eight and expected to be sore but I wasn't.  I spent this time in meditative thought. My guide and I developed our own form of sign language as we traveled between camps. 

That time was one of the most spiritual I ever spent.  Once I got used to the horses rhythm I used the time to meditate and tune in, that's when I was first told that I had to do the meditation CD's.  My Clairvoyant abilities came quick after that.  When we stopped at the next camp my guide would disappear to help prepare food for the rest of the group, so I generally had an hour sometimes two on my own.  It was so peaceful.  I couldn't go anywhere so there was no point in worrying.  I just relaxed and let it all go, it was fantastic.

At first I felt a failure for not being able to walk, but I soon realised even on horseback I couldn't breath well at all. At times my guide had to stop and pick wild plants from the roadside for me to chew on.  I never questioned, just accepted and whatever it was did make me feel a lot better.  I never thought for one moment that it could have been poison, trust is a big thing once it begins.  How many of you would have been willing to try the plant even if it was sold in a shop let alone in the middle of nowhere?  Especially given to you by somebody who could speak no English, so it never had a name.  Karen who I went to Peru with would have had a heart attack being a trained nurse.

If my memory serves me correct, we were also able to buy Coca leaves which we made into a tea but of course this was not available in the mountains.

At the end of the first day on Samson we arrived at the camp.  I was left to my own devises as everybody prepared the tents and food, I offered to help but was politely refused.  As I sat and watched I could see the children coming down from the mountain, at first they all huddled around the wall not daring to come close.  Then one by one they edged closer . It was then I realised my lip salve was intriguing them.  To begin with I had three children between three and six sitting with me.  Within half an hour there were approximately eight children.  By now I had passed my lip salve to them to try and they all happily practiced putting it on there lips.  These children broke my heart.

They were mountain children not used to strangers around them so unlike our children they didn't appear to grasp the context of sharing  but if they've never had before why would they want to.  So within minutes of the lip salve they were trying to rummage in my bags.  I soon put a stop to this and grudging once I held up my hand and said no they appeared to accept this.  They didn't leave my side, between themselves they kept pointing to me and calling me a gringo at first I was a little annoyed its not a word I liked the sound of.  But they still smiled and stroked my hair.  I soon realised nothing negative was meant by it. As children world over love sweet things it just so happened that I had a bag of sweets in my pocket.  They were happily munching on these whilst we waited for everybody else to arrive. 

All of a sudden the temperature dropped and I was frozen with no jacket or extra clothing.  Luckily the children jumped up calling gringos, gringos the others had arrived.  I may have been cold but they were all exhausted.

Researching on Google just now it says gringo means, Foreigner - Anglo Saxon, Blonde etc.  So in retrospect they were definitely using the right word for me, it was just my ignorance that took it the wrong way.  Next time I'll know and there will be a next time.

That night was good and bad let me explain, the temperature dropped still further before our evening meal we had to put every item of clothing on.  Not only Karen and I but the rest of the trekkers too. 

We walked the short distance to the dining tent it was that dark all we could were torches flashing around as everybody made there way to where the food was it smelt heavenly.  We all sat huddled around the table as the tent flaps were zipped heaters were lite and it was still freezzzzzing.  Although the food and company was great we all ate as quick as possible finishing off with something to warm our insides for the night.

Everybody was tucked up in the sleeping bags about 7pm too cold to do anything else.  I don't think I've every slept whilst still shivering uncontrollably before but let me assure you it can be done.  Until that is my lovely friend Karen who I hope reads this, yes we are still friends, ha, ha.  She woke me up about 3 or 4 in the morning to walk to the toilet with her because it was so dark.  I suppose she did the right thing, if she would have had an accident nobody would have found her until morning.  By then she would have probably frozen to death. Nether less it did not take either of us long to be tucked up inside the sleeping bag again until morning.

We were with a fantastic group of people, trekkers and guides alike. I'm glad to say that first night was the coldest of all.  The next day we were to meet all the children before we departed.  We had been asked to take them gifts as a thank you for letting us stay in their village.  Karen and I had taken them books and pens as we felt these would be good for school.  There were about 25 children who came from various places on the mountain. Some travelling 2 hours on their own,  most children appeared to be under ten. To begin with they all waited patiently but all of a sudden they were crushing us to grab at the gifts.  This was quiet a frightening experience most of the other trekkers had stepped back leaving a couple still giving gifts out.  The whole thing was so sad.  It made me realise that while the trekking companies had thought to help the villagers they had in fact turned them in to begger's.

With approximately 3 treks a week going through the Lares Valley and others.  Each group had about 10 trekkers all taking the same type of gifts.  They would have been better either contacting the school direct to see what they needed or contacted PLAN international whom I noticed had an office in the area to see what they thought could really help them.  With all of these groups going through the Valley people were probably spending up to £300 a week on gifts, if all that would have been saved.  Real permanent help could have been offered.  This is one incidence of people wanting to help but not thinking too much about.  I don't know if this effected the others as much as me!  Being a child sponsor with Plan UK   www.plan-uk.org it made me realise what they were up against all the time.  I made a promise to myself to help do more for them.  Since then I have regularly held fundraising activities e.g. Suffolk's finest Mediums earthquake relief for Haiti.  Which raised just under £1000 and the trip itself to Peru raised if I remember £1500, these are the big events but when I run development circles I do not take any money for myself it goes into the charity box for either Plan, EACH or Starlight, Make a wish Foundation  as childcare is my life I felt I should choose charities that reflect this.  But if anybody wants me to help them raise money for other causes then please get in touch. 


My life is about to change yet again. watch this space for future updates.