Telepathic Symbol

Telepathy Symbol

Inner  & Outer Connection


This attunement is given to everybody on the planet accept children under 8 who are already born with this. This is to take the world onto the next phase of evolution. Telepathy is possible now, some people are able to get a strong link but for most at present the link is minor. This attunement is to be passed from person to person when 90% of the population have this the next phase begins. I have been informed that once this attunement has taken place you will then have a teacher from Atlantis to help guide you on to the next step.  I have been told it is my job to circulate the symbol if anybody would like a free personal attunement, please give me a call 07753 637897 or come on one of my Atlantean Element workshops.

This symbol is to be drawn onthe base of the brain just below the Occipital ridge (curve at bottom of skull) whilst repeating the name to yourself three times and  blowing each time onto the symbol imagining it going deep inside the brain then seal it in by placing your hands over the top of the symbol.


I am having trouble drawing the symbol give me a couple of days grace to work it out please.




# Star represents your 3rd eye and heart.

# 2 x circles are your feet connecting you to the earth.

# Top point represents the energy connection to 



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