Information on these next two pages are channelled directly from my guide Ellendrielle who was once an inhabitant of Atlantis, so please fellow lightworkers read with interest and send the information forward over the Universe.  As I have been told it is my job here on Earth to pass the word along.

This whole experience began several years ago during late spring, early Summer 2008.  My friend and I decided to attend an advanced Mediumship event. There was a large group attending and when we were asked to meditate I couldn't hear what was being said.  So I tuned into my teachers / guides and asked to be taken to the crystal Palace where the teacher was leading everybody else.

Now when I meditate I generally choose to do this silently because I have trouble following a visualization.  Well maybe this worked better for me because I couldn't hear, who knows the answer to that question.

During this meditation I was lead into this magnificent building to receive healing which I accepted gratefully.  Then all of a sudden I floated upwards to the very top.  I heard a voice telling me that I'd received my healing it was now time to heal others.  Me being me shrugged and entered this room.  Now if you've seen the picture of me on the homepage you'll understand my shock.  As I walked through this strange membrane doorway (for Star Wars fans, think of Ja,Ja Binks who lived under the sea, you know who I mean now).

Sorry let me continue, as I walked through the door I could see that my hair had grown considerably longer and was Jet black and I had on a long blue dress, now for those who don't know me I don't wear dresses very often I prefer my jeans.

Everybody in the room was standing around the edge watching me, I have now been told they were my students and I was there to teach them. During the visualization I was told I had to heal somebody I knew, ready for when they passed over.  This shook me somewhat as they were still fit and well to my knowledge.  But I went along with it, not needing any direction I proceeded to carry out this treatment using crystals but in a way that I never had before.  I'll detail this later.

I don't personally know all the crystals and their properties as I'm generally informed of this by spirits as and when I need to know.  The crystals I chose for the treatment were my choice and not spirit lead, once I returned home and researched them, I found they were accurate for what the person had been through in their past and needed still to move on from.  As I said this was the beginning of a strange but exciting few months. As I don't generally see much this blew my mind away I was ecstatic.


 m]kkkm]            m]kkkm]


Then it began as they say, for the following week every waking moment it felt like somebody was poking and prodding me.  Even at night I woke feeling as if I'd not slept. I began to think somebody in spirit was trying to get a message to me and I wasn't hearing or understanding them.  This would have been unusual but nether the less I decided to attend the Cedars Spiritualist Church in Ipswich UK, for a Sunday service. Rare I know, but something had to be done. But to my surprise no reading even though through the whole service this pocking and prodding continued but now with added gusto they began pulling my hair.

I was beginning to become annoyed but figured I wasn't meant to do anything about it at that point in time (as if I could).

My memory not being what it was, I'm not exactly sure whether it was one or two weeks later that I happened to be teaching a three day Advanced Tarot course.  I was informed by my guide that I would be doing Trance during the course as would all my students. At that point I decided that I'd not had enough experience of going into Trance so I wouldn't do it.

Who am I to argue with Spirit.  On the last morning after two days of my letting spirit know I wouldn't be doing it.  Early in the morning my husband Roy came and got me.  In our kitchen we had two Blackbirds sitting on my kitchen side quiet as can be looking at me.  We're still not sure what happened, they had only had short time span to get in when Roy's back was turned. Once they'd been released I realised they had left me two identical feathers. As Roy came for me, I figured the message was for me and as there were two of them the message was important.  When I looked up the Blackbird in my animal guide the first thing that jumped out at me was TRANCE  so guess what?

You're right I did Trance. 

My guide, keeper at arms came in and gave his usual long speech but he said I had to let Ellendrell in.  As I don't step right back in Trance yet I heard but didn't think too much of this at the time.  As he stepped away, she stepped staright in and it felt like I had both of them within me.  It was a little scary but I knew I couldn't panic as the group were not used to Trance.  Lou tried to bring me back but I held up my hand to stop her.  I was obviously meant to hear Ellendrell.  She apologised for doing this to me. But said I would not have been willing to let her in as I didn't know her, spirit know me well, I like to know who I work with.  I was given instructions on how to change my Reiki back to the original Atlantean Element and was informed I'd be given old Atlantean symbols to begin using again, but they'd come at a later date.

Ellendriell informed me that I had to make a further 4 Meditation CD's one of these had to incorporate a Telepathic symbol she would give me later.  Check out Atlantis Symbol page. 

She claimed I was a High Priestess in Atlantis and I was her teacher.  That was why she chose to come back as my mentor now.  Now I understood the Crystal Palace meditation where I had to heal others whilst teaching.

Below is the outline of how Atlantis wants us to begin using crystals to raise their vibrations.  This will mean a big change for some people, you may laugh but all I've written is what I've been told.


How Atlantis wants Earth to use crystals from now into the future

Before starting, to use your stone for any purpose whatsoever, it is very important that you first remove any of these unwanted 'Vibrations'. You must do everything you possibly can to ensure that only the most natural - and purest - energies remain within your stone. The Atlantean's used a plant, which I'm told it was similar to White Sage. It is not in existence anymore but would have had a beautiful tall feathery flower and the plant itself would have had long spiky leaves. They tell me it's the purest way in which we can smudge anything.  

Working the Atlantean way I feel is good. They never cleansed crystals in an unnatural environment; if it grew in the sun then the sun cleanses, if it lived in the sea the sea cleansed etc. This goes for all crystals if possible. But my Teacher Ellendrielle understands this is not always possible, she explained that in the time of Atlantis once crystals were taken from their natural environment they were smudged. She tried telling me the name used to smudge but the translation did not come across, she said it was similar to what the Native Americans used (Californian Sage). The Atlantean's used this plant to cleanse crystals, people, places and ceremonies. The plant was generally used on its own not mixed with others. The smell of this plant she tells me is blend of Frankincense and Jasmine and thyme.

When an object was cleansed e.g. crystal, human. Several burning bowls were set to form a circle, the object was then placed in the middle of the circle for approximately 5 minutes. Which is a long time considering today we only take 1minute. If they ever felt the need for instant cleansing and were not near fire they would rub the plant onto their body and clothing

To room cleanse they would put the plant leaf straight onto a burning fire. This was the quickest way to circulate the smoke.

Healing = Crystal balancing or cleansing can be carried out using a cleansed clear quartz crystal. Slowly move it around the body and see if you can pick up on the crystal energy using crystals is good as long as you also tune into them and work as a pair otherwise how are you to know the client has been cleansed and where the blockages were. After using the quartz crystal to ascertain problem areas or holes in the aura, choose an amber crystal and slowly take this around the body as this helps to cleanse and balance the aura. Next if you feel there is any negative energy attaching itself to the aura, use a Selenite crystal to detach it, follow the same procedure as above. If you choose this method make sure the crystals you use is only used for that purpose and do not let others handle them. The Atlantean's didn't mix the crystals only the energies. Their belief was crystals have their own individual energy system the same as all living things and not all mixed together. So to be too close to another, can contaminate if the energies are not balanced.

If in need of healing or carrying out a treatment always cleanse your crystals first. Take time out for yourself or the client. Have a mortar and pestle to hand, make sure your crystals are on a shelf not touching each other. DO NOT touch them, take your hand over the top and mix your chosen crystal energy together and spread over the body. If you are able to meditate this will help speed up the healing process. 

Warning DO NOT put crystals onto broken bones unless they have been set in plaster, as the break may set to quickly.


©Elledriel & Debbie Rushbrooke Heights of Tranquillity 2009