All of these can be carried out as one day workshops or over a longer period. If you would like to see any other workshops provided please get in touch.



Discover how crystals can be used - Birthstone recognition - Healing with crystals - Cleansing crystals the Atlantean way - Using crystals with Psychometry.

Universal Energies

This is a one day workshop, bring a lunch to share. Learn to take notice of and use your intuition; Gain understanding of working with nature; developing your skills by working with universal energies; give each other readings during the day. This course is designed for everybody, whatever your level of spiritual development. Discover ways to enjoy nature - Uses of natural objects - Learn to work your creativity - Learn how to conserve our environment for future generations.

Energies and Auras


Learn how to balance your auric field - discover what it is - How to see / feel it - gain understanding - Find out what a chakra is - How many chakra's we have- the meanings of chakras - How to feel and work with energies on e.g. plants , animals. Discover how colour effect's our daily lives. Learn a variety of meditation techniques to suit everybody e.g. Journeying; Visualisation - The use of objects in meditation - How to use insights gained in meditation for everyday life - Importance of relaxation - other ways to relax. 

Connecting with spirit guides & Deepening your Clairvoyance

Learn how to attune your senses to communicate with others - Discover what spirit guides are - How they can help you - Where they come from - Why they want to work with us - learn how to connect with your guides.

Past Life Workshop

This amazing workshop will help you get in touch with yourself on a deeper level. Have you ever been curious about past lives or have you even felt you have lived before this is for you. You will be guided through a gentle visualisation into a past life where you can be an observer in your previous life. 

Old Ways

Ever wondered how to use the crystal ball? What about reading lea leaves, coffee grains etc? On this workshop we will be looking at the old ways of divination.  Discover how the Romany's and other earlier spiritual cultures used to work. Come on try sand and water scrying the whole day is designed to leave an impression of other times. 

Indian Head Massage

Learn this fantastically relaxing massage which has been used in India for over a thousand years - It can give to release; stress, aches and pains - Indian head massage also works on an emotional level by calming the spirit.  One day is not a qualification.  But longer courses can be taken to qualify.