Here are some meditations for you to try at home.  These meditations can be adapted for children or adults,  Let children do the begining exercises to help them unwind this means sitting is reduced for those who get bored easy.  You adults out there, don't feel you have to do the exercises, but remember you may feel younger and more carefree if you do.

I hope you enjoy this meditations that I've prepared, these were selected due to public demand.  I you would like to see anything else added to the website please let me know.


 Healing Past Hurt


Before relaxing lets spend a little time get rid of all the excess energy within you.


  • First jump up and down then slowly turn your bodily around full circle 3 times.


  • Now stamp, stamp, stamp your feet feel like you have roots growing out of the bottom.  So each time you lift you foot it gets harder to move as the roots grow deeper into the earth.


  • Now try to stand on tiptoe and touch the sky hold this for 10 seconds, repeat 3 times.


  • Now get yourself comfortable, close your eyes and take a deep breath in through your nose and release through you mouth try this 5 times and feel yourself begin to relax.


  • As you relax see lots of bubbles all different colours of the rainbow floating around you.


  • Focus on one in particular.  Seeing it come closer, growing in size until it fills your vision.


  • Looking into the bubble see it change colour becoming darker.


  • Now think of a situation where you have been unhappy or sad.  Focus on the bubble while you're thinking about it.


  • Now ask for healing to take the hurt away, relax and enjoy for as long as the healing takes.


  • When the healing is complete the bubble will rise above your head.


  • As it pops you are surrounded by colours, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo & white.  One by one the colours slowly sink inside of you making you feel whole again.


  • Slowly bring yourself back to the here and now.


Did you receive healing?  If not try again as often as you like remember practise makes perfect.



The House of the rising sun


v     Star jump 6 times, on the seventh stretch your whole body including your fingertips, arms, legs & toes.  Do this twice.


v     Lay down with your eyes gently closed.


v     Now screw up your face then relax it 4 times.


v     Clench your fists then release them 4 times.


v     Clench your toes then release them 4 times.


v     Feel yourself relax you may feel as if you're going to sleep.


v     Now imagine you are sitting on top of a hill.


v     The sun shines brightly, you are holding an umbrella to keep the sun off your face.  It's made of different colours, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo & white.


v     It's now time to walk down the hill towards the lovely sea.


v     As you walk along paddling in the sea, you find the magical stepping stones & bridges where you can rest on your journey knowing you are safe.


v     Standing on a bridge look over the edge into the sea, can you see your own reflection in the water? What else can you see?


v     It's time to continue your walk, in the distance you see a house, it's beautiful as the sun rises over the top, it looks as if both the sun and house are joined as one.


v     As the sun rises you can see that the house is made of sweets, go and choose your favourite sweet, as you eat it you once again look towards the sea.


v     Floating on the water you see a lovely Dolphin, climb onto his back he will help to bring you home.


v     When you leave Dolphin near the bottom of the hill you see a donkey waiting to give you a ride to the top.


v     Now once again you are sitting under your umbrella,  as you swirl it in your hands you see the colours all blending together, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo & white. 


v     Spend a moment thanking your animal friends who have helped bring you home before feeling yourself coming back , move your arms & legs and feel yourself back in your room.


v     Relax and have a drink while you think about your adventure.




Healing Circle


Ø      Sit comfortably and close your eyes, make sure your feet touch the ground.


Ø      Breath in a happy thought, breath out a sad thought. Continue breathing like this for several minutes. With each breath in, imagine your breathing in a Chakra as mentioned in other meditations.


Ø      Feel your breathing become deeper and more relaxed, a new peace comes over you.


Ø      Notice that you're sitting on a rock at the edge of a lake, with water lapping around your feet. The birds are all flying away from the shore over the lake. 


Ø      Follow them by either walking, swimming or flying it's your choice.


Ø      A Dolphin is swimming near, take hold of her Fin and feel her taking you into deeper water.


Ø      As you reach the centre of the lake, you see a giant black rock, which appears to be floating on the water.


Ø      The Dolphin begins to speak to you in your own language, have no fear.  She is offering you advice and guidance on your daily problems. 


Ø      Pull yourself up onto the rock and lay down.


Ø      Surrounding the rock are Penguins and Sea lions. In the distance you can hear the Dolphins all singing.


Ø      You feel relaxed as the sea animals begin to walk around you in circles gaining speed as they walk.


Ø      The faster they walk the warmer you become.  It feels as if the sun is shining upon you, you realise the heat is coming from them.


Ø      From their flippers you see what, appears to be bolts of electricity. This bright light enters your heart and the warm, cosy feeling is felt throughout your body.


Ø      This healing circle is taking place with all the other water creatures including the undines and serpents.


Ø      It's time for you to focus on your troubles in order for you to help the other being disperse them.


Ø      From a distance you can hear the Dolphin calling to you, reluctantly you climb onto her back wishing you could stay here forever but knowing it's somebody else's turn.


Ø      As you once again reach the rock where you started, thank all those that have healed you today.


Feel yourself coming back to this time, this space. There's no rush just take you time. Remember to have a drink of water.