This is essential for all who are starting to investigate any type of spiritual pathways and for therapists and those is the caring professions.

 Basic Grounding Techniques

As with any work carried out protection is essential. Spiritual work is no different in this respect than any other. As we are working in some cases with an invisible element, feeling safe is essential. Spend a few moments in harmony with yourself, following the meditation guide may help with this process. This process should not take more than a few minutes of your time and can be carried out as required e.g. daily, weekly.


When you have spent time relaxing ( at first this may take a while but it will become quicker) let your thoughts wander down towards your feet. Next imagine the souls of your feet have big strong roots (like tree roots) emerging from the bottom. Imagine those roots going into the ground, the deeper they sink the stronger you feel. In the distance you can see a shiny object the closer to become the bigger it gets. When you are close enough you notice you have reached the crystal kingdom. Wrap your roots around a crystal for extra protection. The rooting process is complete. This exercise will help you feel connected to the earth at all times you can use this anytime NOT just for meditation. Whenever you feel disoriented or unsettled re-root yourself. If you work in care setting i;e; elderly, children, learning disabilities, drug / alcohol rehabilitation re-rooting is essential several times daily.


Blanket of Protection

When you are relaxed imagine a cloak or blanket around you. It can be made of any substance / material that you want and it can change whenever you want it to. The rule is, you need to be enclosed within its protection and sealed inside so no negativity can get close to you. So it needs to have a zip or other fastening which can be closed. This will have a similar effect to being rooted but it will also protect your Chakra's and keep your protected and closed down from spirit. If you are suffering from I.E bullying, imagine a cloak in the form of a mirror protecting you this will repel all negative thoughts, activities away from you, tip your mirror so the negativity bounces off into the ground or universe this will allow the negativity to be recharged into positive energy for the good of all.

Try both of these whilst following the meditations on the meditation page.

©Debbie Rushbrooke April 2005